Friday, November 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to this week's down-to-the-wire Friday Blog, Acting Fans, whoo I'm getting bad at this but here we are nonetheless. Sadly there's little new to report since the last H&H head-to-head but we are continuing on with the next phase of our plans for your favourite Actors at Large.

Vern did indeed get our bit of writing bashed out into Word and sent it on to me, where I did the brush up and polish on our verbiage. It's now ready to go and we hope to get it pencilled in shortly for shooting. The next phase of our latest scheme though requires a bit of a Scavenger Hunt.

Obscure UK Comics reference FTW!
Yes, Internet Chums, in touch with the ground, we're on the hunt - we're after props! And a rather specific set of them it is too. Once again we've made a rod for our backs but if we can beg, borrow or scrounge up all the stuff we need then hopefully it will lead to something rather amusing. To say any more, well, we'd be into [SPOILERS]! So stay tuned, folks, for further developments as m'colleague said, 'SOON'.

That's all for now however so...


Christopher Haigh

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