Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Dance

I love it when a plan comes together! Welcome acting fans, bloggers and peoples of the internet, yep, it's mid week so here is this Wednesday's blog post.

The mood is up at H&H HQ, what with us managing to get the Halloween Special up right in time (not down to the wire like the Summer Special), and we're still doing the happy dance inside. Deciding to get on while the mood is up, me and Chris met up again today to discuss some plans for the future of H&H (No, no, no - we're not stopping, so calm down, you lot!)
I had idea a couple of weeks back about, well, more stuff for us to do in a shorter timespan and, after a very, very funny discussion about it today, we will be starting...well, very soon indeed but to let you know exactly what we're working on now, well, that would be telling. Yup, [SPOILERS]! Chris had also had an idea that fit right in with the plans of what to do next, which has gone straight onto the To-Do List which really seems to show this is the right way for us to head.

"So how soon is 'very soon'?!" I hear you ask...well, fings crossed, possibly as soon as next month soon (which is only two days away - eek!) and what are these plans of ours? Well, once again, I would love tell you all, no, really I would, but that would just ruin the surprise of it when it starts and it will be very sooooon! Soon.

Well, that's your lot for now - I best get on and write up what we fleshed out today or else we will have nothing for us to do or show you very soon! Yes, soon.

Signing off now.

Vernon Harcourt

Friday, October 25, 2013

See What We Did There

Welcome, Acting Fans, bloggers and people of the Internets, yes, it that time it's Friday so here is our blog of the day. Let's get down to it - it's a Special one today!

As we said we would on Wednesday we went into the editing room, two men entered and with some luck a complete episode should have left (or two broken men). Well, I am pleased to say we did, yes once again we got the episode done but this time it was a looong editing day. We weren't broken but our brains took a battering. Thank God Chris did some of his pre-editing and cropping, or we would probably still been at it well into that night.

Once again we were reminded of some of the hard lesson we learned from over the course of making H&H but due to us not doing a lot of filming this year, well, we kinda forgot (Whoops!). It didn't help that we had such a tight deadline to get the Special done in time for Halloween and in the rush things getting bypassed or just even straight left out. Things like a pre-read through, checking angles, using marks and making sure that we had all of the coverage that we needed, to name a few. Despite all that we put our heads down and kept at it until we made it work and I think you'll be very pleased with it, well, we hope we get at least a single laugh - though we'd prefer a few times more too.

'So when is it going to be out?' I hear in your screams of anticipation (or is Michael Myers doing the rounds again, it is his time of year, after all)............Well, I can say it is already out! It was released out into the wild world of the internet last night or, to paraphrase the late great Orson Welles, it escaped (with a little assistance, of course) into the mysterious morass of Youtube and for your convenience, dear reader, it is also just below this text for you to watch, because we're nice like that

We would greatly appreciate if you would spread the Curse of our humour, far and wide. Let it infest the entirety of the Internet - or at least like, post and pass on the link. Our monstrous (Alter) Egos need feeding, get on it, Internet Chums!

Well, that's all for now see in the future, oh, and don't have Knightmares...


Vernon Harcourt


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Floors Up, One Post Down

Happy middle of the week, Acting Fans, it's H&H blog time again. First of all an apology, the sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a distinct lack of a Friday Update we're sorry about that but we hope to make up for it soon, it was down to a glut of shifts for me at work - that and the fact that the major part of H&H shenanigans went on the following Saturday above Legacy Comics.

Stairway to On Set
That's right, Folks, we managed to get together with our able assistants and co-stars, Hardy Boocock and Jake Broadhurst, to get the main body of the Halloween Special filmed this past weekend. And we managed to do it only slightly unnerving Simon in the process. Thanks for putting up with the bangs, scrape and yells, old chum!

Work in Progress
With the footage in the can this past couple of days I've been taking the odd pass at a rough cut of the Special, cutting like a ginzu chef in a frenzy to get the footage into editable chunks and myself and m'learned colleague will be getting together at the Editing Suite this Thursday to see if we ca get this thing bashed into a decent shape then it's just a matter of a little ADR and we'll be ready to go. Two men will enter, one Halloween Special will leave! Fings crossed, Internet Chums, Wish us luck.


Christopher Haigh

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let There Be Light(ing)!

Welcome back, bloggers and Acting Fans, yep, it's Wednesday again and this is our blog!

So what exactly's has been going on down here at the H&H HQ, well, nothing! What we've been up to didn't happen at H&H HQ! We have once again ventured out on Sunday to get the exterior shots of the Halloween Special done, with the kind help of one Jake Broadhurst and another, Hardy Boococks,
as our camera people we got it done.

We braved the night (okay, early evening) to do this but, alas, the first place we were going to use, was unviable, down to closed and locked entrance gates. We had to troop back down to our second choice. Then on to the depths of Dean Clough to get one final bit shot (including some awesome stuntwork from yours truly) and we were done for the night (by our usual standards it was a short shoot) and a good job too, that dark sure is coming in quick now!

That brings us up to today were we have been dressing the second set (above and beyond Legacy Comics) ready for the this Saturday shoot, we tested out some additional lighting as that is very important and we had a minor costume test too (no, not our costumes, some other peoples') We've also got all of our props that will be needed for the shoot now in one place, on set, which should hopefully prevent any forgetting of important stuff.

Mystery Costume Test

ACTING! But more importantly LIGHTING!
 And a head of time we even managed to get some close up shot coverage done too that doesn't need any one else in shot other than......well, that would be telling now, teehee!

Well I think that's your lots' lot for now, see you in the Future!


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, October 11, 2013


Welcome to this weekend update post, Acting Fans, I'm here today to let you know the two of us at H&H Productions have been at it again. Yes, this morning Vern & I met up once more to take a look at the location for the interior shots of the upcoming Halloween Special, above (and beyond!) the new shop location of our old chum/sometimes guest star/occasional location manager, Simon Shaw, Proprietor X of Legacy Comics.
After getting Simon's kind permission, we ducked past the Counter and up the two flights of stairs to the room at the top. With a bit of tidying up (man-style tidying up, so really just shoving stuff out of the way) and some amateur Feng Shui we got the room set up and, well, it turned out even better than we thought. Then it was time to break out the old Lumix and plan out the shots.

The Cardboard represents [SPOILERS]
Thinking Time
Are we done yet?
Staring at Nothing
So with Vern having sorted out the 180° we took a few pics, including the ones you see above, as a quick storyboard, experimenting with varying angles and working out how best to capture some of the action. To post them all would potentially be [SPOILERS] so that's your lot for this week!
The site is prepped, now we have our fingers crossed that the weather holds so we can get the exteriors done sharpish, wish us Luck!
Before we go though, one last massive shout out to Simon - a big 'Thank You!' Without his generosity we'd be lucky to even have a trailer filmed. We don't know anyone else who'd put up with our filmic messings-about on their patch (apart from vern's flatmates, cheers to you guys too! Yes, you too, Muta)! As for the rest of you lot, see you on the other side of the Weekend! Keep watching!


Christopher Haigh

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On The Cards

Hallo, Good Wednesday and welcome to our regular middle of the week blog post where we let you lot know what we been doing and, actually, it's quite a lot in fact. We have been busy, firstly Chris went and picked up our copies of my 'Hero Quest' screen on Saturday when they were ready but besides that he has also re-cut the H&H YouTube channel trailer shorter, and then re-tweaked the audio where necessary, to form what is probably going to be part of the Series Two intro sequence. (Well, after we get on write and film it, that is!).

Seeing Double
Today (Wednesday 9th October) we have been and done some more filming, yes, we have! It wasn't a big shoot but that doesn't mean it is any less important. It was for a cutaway sequence for the Halloween Special. (We haven't got onto episode 6 yet but we will, keeping this seasonal special in time for the right season is our priority!) We have had to once again dig out the old poker game table for this, and get in touch with a couple of familiar faces from last year. And, joyfully, they said, yes. I guess they must get bored all the rest of the year round when they have nothing much to do. For Chris part, well, this time he wasn't himself so we had to put a bit of different costume together...

Yes, There may be a little costume re-purposing going on here, spottable by Eagle-eyed Acting fans
As far as our shoot itself went this was by far the quickest as, well, there were only two shots to do - that helped a lot. In fact I think the setting up took longer, as generally is the case in these things. So with everything done on this shoot and a small brief tweak of the script, yep, it really does seem that we can't help ourselves always re-re-tweaking. Now we are done it's just on to plan the rest of the shoot for this special. While I get on with the organising, Chris is off back to the Editing Suite to do a bit of desk top publishing, for the main sequence we need a couple of additional props that neither of us own - so a bit of Game Card counterfeiting is on the cards for him!

Well that's all we got time for now so seen y'all really soon.


 Vernon Harcourt

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Virus With Shoes...

Welcome, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, yep, it's Friday - so lets get down to this. Well me, myself and Chris finally got to meet up yesterday to sort out some more things H&H Productions-wise.

And some good brainstorming happened when we met but first we got together at Legacy Comics and got the ok from Weapon HX, yes, Simon Shaw, to use one of the floors in his new shop for a location of the Halloween special, which is rather cool of him. Thank you, Simon xx :-)

Then after that it was back to H&H HQ for some discussion on all matters H&H, and during our talking we stumbled upon a well quite frankly an genius Idea (yes, capital 'I'). One I'm amazed we didn't think of it much sooner. Yes, internet chums, here is the idea of which I am going tell you right  now in writing so here it goes, strap yourselves in, we're going to try and go viral...

We are going to MEME ourselves!!!

Yep, we going to put up some funny picture macros using stills from the episode with a quote or other funny line and sent them out into the wide world of the interweb as memes. In the hope that someone, somewhere out there will pick up on these, send them around and maybe even find their way back to our H&H hijinks, well that's the plan, we hope. So look out for them sooooon. We really can't believe we didn't tink of it sooner in fact when we did we both pretty much...

It's just so OBVIOUS, why didn't we think of it before?!
Then as the final protocol of the day we had to once again source one more prop problem, luckily I already owned what we needed. We took my Vintage cardboard screen from 'Hero Quest' down to our local  Simprint to get some copy's of it for the Halloween Special. Why? I hear you cry, well, "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that" by which I mean I cannot tell you just yet! Tee hee!

Well, that's all for now folks, see YOU in the World of Tomorrow!


Vernon Harcourt

P.S: POST 200! WOOOO!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Games Afoot!

Well here we are once again, Acting Fans, halfway into the week and there hasn't been a meet up so far but there have been things going on. First of all this weekend, whilst I was stuck behind a desk selling tickets for 'Room On The Broom', Vern was lending a hand to our old chum and sometimes Location Manager.
That's right, Weapon HX himself proprietor of Legacy Comics, Simon Shaw. Not wanting to get too much into the ins-and-outs but circumstances (mainly the up-and-coming re-development of his previous shop location) have led to our old chum having to find a new location. After hunting high and low and hither and also thither Simon has actually managed to get himself re-located to the high street. It was to this new location, handily just up the road, that my co-star and some other local reprobates helped Simon get moved to.

Sheldon is watching you. Always.
Best Wishes and warm regards from all (alright, both) of us at H&H Productions, Simon. May the re-boot to Legacy Comics 1.2 be a rollocking success!
As for the Halloween Special, though we haven't met up this week, the preparation continues. I've been on the hunt for some additional props  and it just so happens that fortunately they were right here at home. At the risk of blowing [SPOILERS] we needed to get our hands on some board games. Some of you more astute Internet Chums might get an idea from it but I'm going to say no more, except they were easier to find than I thought. I'd been thinking of where we used to keep them though, d'oh!

"When you play the Game of Chess you lose and then cry!"
Yep, as a Low-to-No budget production it sure does help to use what you already have. It's as cheap as free! Anyhow with a morning shift, another day off and a free weekend this week we hope to get a bit closer to filming so stay tuned to find out how it goes on, we hope your route to the weekend holds straight and true and we'll see you here again on Friday!


Christopher Haigh