Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Floors Up, One Post Down

Happy middle of the week, Acting Fans, it's H&H blog time again. First of all an apology, the sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a distinct lack of a Friday Update we're sorry about that but we hope to make up for it soon, it was down to a glut of shifts for me at work - that and the fact that the major part of H&H shenanigans went on the following Saturday above Legacy Comics.

Stairway to On Set
That's right, Folks, we managed to get together with our able assistants and co-stars, Hardy Boocock and Jake Broadhurst, to get the main body of the Halloween Special filmed this past weekend. And we managed to do it only slightly unnerving Simon in the process. Thanks for putting up with the bangs, scrape and yells, old chum!

Work in Progress
With the footage in the can this past couple of days I've been taking the odd pass at a rough cut of the Special, cutting like a ginzu chef in a frenzy to get the footage into editable chunks and myself and m'learned colleague will be getting together at the Editing Suite this Thursday to see if we ca get this thing bashed into a decent shape then it's just a matter of a little ADR and we'll be ready to go. Two men will enter, one Halloween Special will leave! Fings crossed, Internet Chums, Wish us luck.


Christopher Haigh

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