Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Dance

I love it when a plan comes together! Welcome acting fans, bloggers and peoples of the internet, yep, it's mid week so here is this Wednesday's blog post.

The mood is up at H&H HQ, what with us managing to get the Halloween Special up right in time (not down to the wire like the Summer Special), and we're still doing the happy dance inside. Deciding to get on while the mood is up, me and Chris met up again today to discuss some plans for the future of H&H (No, no, no - we're not stopping, so calm down, you lot!)
I had idea a couple of weeks back about, well, more stuff for us to do in a shorter timespan and, after a very, very funny discussion about it today, we will be starting...well, very soon indeed but to let you know exactly what we're working on now, well, that would be telling. Yup, [SPOILERS]! Chris had also had an idea that fit right in with the plans of what to do next, which has gone straight onto the To-Do List which really seems to show this is the right way for us to head.

"So how soon is 'very soon'?!" I hear you ask...well, fings crossed, possibly as soon as next month soon (which is only two days away - eek!) and what are these plans of ours? Well, once again, I would love tell you all, no, really I would, but that would just ruin the surprise of it when it starts and it will be very sooooon! Soon.

Well, that's your lot for now - I best get on and write up what we fleshed out today or else we will have nothing for us to do or show you very soon! Yes, soon.

Signing off now.

Vernon Harcourt

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