Friday, January 31, 2014

Going Trojan

Guess who's back, Back again, Aiches back, Tell a friend, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back...

lright, it's us! Welcome back, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and the Peoples of the Internet, yes we are back and we have been busy again! First thing is first we have a New Years Vlog (well, it's out for Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse but that's still a New Year, right?) up and it should be just at the bottom of this text here so go give it a watch! Please do....

So have you watched it? Good! Like I said, we have been beavering away, planning out a few new things including upcoming vlogs, the odd special and of course the ever-elusive (& still a bit complex) Episode 6, not to mention Series 2. Yes, we've even once again given No.6 a re-write and, well, it's much better now and, yes, you WILL get to see it this year - as soon as we get going and get it filmed, of cvourse. Yep, we are. We have sorted out lots of things to do in the coming months and, well, I guess we'd best get to writing them. Once again thank you for all of support and hope you keep up and on with us as we go onwards and upwards in 2014! And to all Happy Chinese New Year-

Gung Hey Fat Choi!!!

Thats all for now folks TTFN

Vernon Harcourt