Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoots, Eats and Leaves

Greetings Acting Fans, We've been all the way there and back again (there being Huddersfield) and now the additional scenes are in the can. We had a fun road trip out to that wayward town of Kirklees district and went all the way to the top....of a multi-story car park to film the sequences.

Of course we couldn't have done it without our earstwhile colleague and other third of H&H Productions, Matt Birdsall. Ably assisted by his TARDIS-blue Ford Focus (or as we call her 'Sexy').

A varied and erudite conversation ranging from road etiquette, the trouble with Ainley Top Roundabout and the discovery of a new (to us) cycle path helped pass the time on our passage along the Huddersfield road.

Before we arrived at our destination the Market Hall car park on Alfred Street.

A more suitable 70s monstrosity you couldn't hope to find (or, in the case of Halifax's own Cow Green car park, get access to thanks so, so much Large-Halifax-based-company-who-shall-remain-nameless), it proved more than up to the task of what we wanted from it.

Vern even took the time out to admire the view. We couldn't have asked for a more glorious day weather-wise, there's nothing like an unseasonably warm early Spring day to remind you why you were hoping to get your shooting done in the cool, cool winter as the heat builds up in your rather toasty all black multiply layered costumes *Phew*.
Still, we got all the scenes done and in celebration of the completed shoot we went for a pub lunch. (The budget, well Chris, just about covered it - it served him right, he's the one who dragged us to The Parish) Getting ourselves some mighty fine large burgers.
In fact Chris’s burger nearly needed a step ladder to eat. Now, we DID we pay for the food I think, didn't we? Hmmmm?
Quick RUN!!!!
Stairway To Heaven, Seven Deadly Sins and Pizza Burgers - Them's good eatin'.
So what’s next for it well we have to put it altogether, but you already know that (Well, you will if read last weeks blog), and plan out the shooting of the next episode. That’s as long as we like the footage this time. Then, it’s on to the next episode!

TTFN for now acting fans,

Vernon Harcourt 
Christopher Haigh 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Far Afield

With the main body of the pilot's footage completed there is still a little something else yet to do, and it relates to our previous difficulties some.
Due to a TOTAL LACK OF ANY COMMUNICATION AT ALL WHATSOEVER (THANK YOU SO MUCH) from large-business-in-Halifax-that-shall-remain-nameless who lease the top levels of the Car Park that was our first choice for the location for certain scenes, we have to go out of Halifax to do some filming tomorrow. That means...

"One small step for man. one giant leap for Halifaxkind."
We are off to the far away mysterious place of...*Ahem* Huddersfield. To film two scenes, yes, you read that right, TWO specific scenes that are not episode-specific so much as they are of a format we have conceived of which is going to form a sort of intro bumper to the episodes. With the modification of the pilot script by creating an additional first act, we have reconsidered which of these is most suited for the pilot and, wouldn't you know it, it's one that we haven't filmed yet. Oh, well.

Of course we are going to use all our well-honed Rules of Guerrilla Filmmaking to make this happen, so lets hope they work.

And it will not end there, we will be straight back into editing room (A.K.A Chris’s Bedroom) to put it all together. Then it’s on with the planning of the next episode and on to getting that next something that’s gonna happen, well, happened. Trust me, it will happen and soon.

So long for now acting fans,


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, March 23, 2012

Exit! Stage Left, Even!

Good News, Acting fans!  As a jobbing actor (well, trying *Chris's note: Vern can be a REALLY Trying actor*) I have managed to get a part in the upcoming Studio Group at the Actors Workshop production. What play is it, and whom do I play I hear you ask?

Well in 1962 American counter-cultural icon Ken Kesey brought out a book inspired by his time working the graveyard shift as an orderly at a mental health facility, a powerful and moving critique of the power structures of modern society.

Yes, I'm appearing in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, though in a touching gesture to the careers of other young up-and-coming actors I shan't be playing Randle P. McMurphy, I am in fact lending the support of my colossal acting talent by playing the pivotal role of "Chief" Bromden, a part I have performed once before about 14 years ago.

And it’s been about 10 years since I have been in the theatre.*Gulp*

So how will this effect Harcourt and Haigh? Well, not much actually as the rehearsals are at night but we'll be having fun with it soon in H&H. Yep, [SPOILERS].
The performances will be in May and the actual dates are TBC, fret not - we'll keep you posted, Acting fans.

P.S. - This is still not the Big Thing, that remains yet yet to come.


Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Here at H&H we have been busy, busy, busy, and busy. We have been, well, doing all sorts of things - some of them have even been productive things. Honest.
Yes, Acting fans, so productive that it's time to reveal yet another prop for the show and we're pretty sure this will go down well.
With a BANG in fact! A BIG BANG (or maybe even no BANG at all, if we're lucky)!





This was the easiest build for H&H productions so far, and with the least injuries too. We still have all our fingers and thumbs intact, as well as the usual average acceptable number of human appendages.
Yes folks, we have built a BOMB (calm down, dear, it's just a prop), or INED* if you prefer (I do because you can pronounce it 'Enid', she's harmless, bless her. Isn't that right, love?)

Subtlety, a H&H Productions forté.
But where and how is it going to be used, where exactly in the narrative would a web series about two troublesome actors need such a plot device?
Well, you’ll just have to stick with us to find out.

P.S.- Don’t tell the police about the, you know, the B-O-M-B Shhhhhhhhhhhusssshhhhh! Don't spell it out loud! (You know what John Law's like with violence-based humour, let us not forget Robin Hood Airport!)

P.P.S.-  This is not the big thing either that is still yet to happen. What is it I hear? That keening sound? Oh, your cries of frustration. Soon, my lovelies, soon. The hour is nigh.


Bye for now,


Vernon Harcourt

* = Improvised Non-Explosive Device

Friday, March 16, 2012

Onwards & Upwards

Well, Acting fans, we’ve done it! Finally, the shooting for the pilot episode is now complete (*Round of Applause*) Thank you, thank you. *Doffs hat, nods a slight bow, returns hat to head with a flourish and a snap of the brim*

Photo: Matt Birdsall
Yes, it’s in the can. We spent the afternoon in the environs of Savile Park Road outside Croft Myl (now, don't look at me like that, that's exactly how THEY spell it, honest it is), former home of the Halifax Chamber Of Commerce, by a foolishly unguarded and completely innocent Fire Exit. THE FOOLS!

I must confess, Acting fans, we had our wicked way with that hapless portal of egress, using it for the exterior of one of the Pilots locations. I won't go into full details here as [SPOILERS] abound but I'm pretty sure some of the more sharp eyed of you lot will get a bit of an idea looking at the accompanying photo of me and Chris preparing our chosen victim for shooting.
So - onwards and upwards to the following episodes of the series.
We should also be editing in the next few weeks. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Oh, and people, this was not the 'something' I was on about in the last blog post. That is still yet to come. 'Bye for now.



Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Big Tease Returns

By the typing with my thumbs, something big this way comes.

Colossal Acting Talent?
Good news, everyone. My, my. Something big is going to happen soon at H&H production, besides you now reading this post in the voice of Professor Farnsworth, that is. Oh, my yes.
But what is it I hear you scream at your computer screen.?


Well, well, well...

You’ll just have to wait and see.

Until Friday, acting fans. TTFN


*Lightening Crack/Thunder Roll/Godzilla Roar*

Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Lonliness of The Outdoor Filmmaker

As we are getting closer and closer to the Pilot being done and dusted, once again the perils of filming on location have come to my attention and the reasons why some directors prefer interior shoots to exteriors more apparent.

First is of course the general public of which we are all a part. The number of times we have had to stop and answer question upon question asked about what we are doing.
The best question being, of course: "Are you filming?"
I do wonder what gave it away! The camera and microphone, perhaps?
And, my personal favourite, “Can we be in it?"
So, a word of advise people, if you see some on the street filming please LEAVE THEM ALONE as they most likely have a lot to do and not as much time as they would like to do it.
One more thing about the general public is walking into shot and ruining the whole of the take. Look around WILL ya and just wait them few extra minutes until we shout "CUT!"
PLEASE. (*Sob*)

The second is the weather, now I know there’s not a lot I can do about the weather as it’s
the weather and it will do what ever it wants to do, whether we like it or not. It still does cause some problems like going too dark and suddenly (or in some cases constantly) raining, which means we have to keep having to organise reshoot of things we’ve already done. Don't get me started on sudden gusts of wind and vulnerable pieces of set dressing!

Then again sometimes it can help you out, like on a windy day which did make the costumes flap in a cool and groovy way on film. This in turn helped out in the editing room. You’ll all see soon enough.

And the last one is of course: location, location, location.
Now we’ve been over this before but it has gotten worse as we are filming. I mean trying to find, say,  a multi-story car for instance - should be easy, right? Right. Wrong!
The one we had our hearts set on using for a couple of things cannot be accessed due to it being rented by a big company here in Halifax. We tried to get in contact but are still awaiting an answer weeks later. So a new car park had to be found, fortunately we have found a replacement - however it requires a fair bit of travel out of our way to get there (but it'll be worth it). And one final note is the shepping (or substituting) locations for other (fictional) ones. This is always fun and hard to find, sometimes you do get lucky as we have for one of the exteriors but this has it’s own perils like being on a busy street or somewhere you have to get try in and out like the SAS. All in all if nobody dies you can consider it a successful shoot.

Well, that’s the end of this blog against perils, along with set of rules we put in a previous blog you too should be able to enjoy successfully filming out on location as we have. If you only remember one thing remember this: if you unavoidably, absolutely have to kill a member of the public - make sure to dispose of the body discreetly in a location it is not likely to be discovered.


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, March 2, 2012

Give Us Our Props V

Greetings, acting fans.
I am still unwell at the moment, but I am making a herculean effort to blog on (and let's face it, my computer is pretty close to my sickbed - hang on you couldn't tell that where you are. Damn, so much for playing the martyr).
Today I thought I'd take the time to unveil some more props, some of them that my learned colleague has created for the show, that make their first appearance in the pilot. However I don't want to blow the gags of some of these, so once again I'm playing the Big Tease.

What could it be?! What! A clue? What if I said here at H&H Productions we aren't afraid to take an out-of-date meme and run it into the ground?
Another poster, you say? We’ve gone poster mad?! Well, ok, but it's one we've made ourselves this time, all will be revealed to due time.
What about wrapping your eyeballs round THIS one:

And what exactly is this an opportunity at an opportunity for I hear you ask?
Wait and see, cheeky chops.
And last but by no means least is this mystery of a nifty little prop. This was given to me by a dear friend for Xmas (Thank you, Shaleene! Props to you for a Prop for me!)

And what does it do? Ha-Ha! You’ll just have to watch and wait. Patience, Acting Fans.

So long for now,

Big Tease out,


Vernon Harcourt