Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoots, Eats and Leaves

Greetings Acting Fans, We've been all the way there and back again (there being Huddersfield) and now the additional scenes are in the can. We had a fun road trip out to that wayward town of Kirklees district and went all the way to the top....of a multi-story car park to film the sequences.

Of course we couldn't have done it without our earstwhile colleague and other third of H&H Productions, Matt Birdsall. Ably assisted by his TARDIS-blue Ford Focus (or as we call her 'Sexy').

A varied and erudite conversation ranging from road etiquette, the trouble with Ainley Top Roundabout and the discovery of a new (to us) cycle path helped pass the time on our passage along the Huddersfield road.

Before we arrived at our destination the Market Hall car park on Alfred Street.

A more suitable 70s monstrosity you couldn't hope to find (or, in the case of Halifax's own Cow Green car park, get access to thanks so, so much Large-Halifax-based-company-who-shall-remain-nameless), it proved more than up to the task of what we wanted from it.

Vern even took the time out to admire the view. We couldn't have asked for a more glorious day weather-wise, there's nothing like an unseasonably warm early Spring day to remind you why you were hoping to get your shooting done in the cool, cool winter as the heat builds up in your rather toasty all black multiply layered costumes *Phew*.
Still, we got all the scenes done and in celebration of the completed shoot we went for a pub lunch. (The budget, well Chris, just about covered it - it served him right, he's the one who dragged us to The Parish) Getting ourselves some mighty fine large burgers.
In fact Chris’s burger nearly needed a step ladder to eat. Now, we DID we pay for the food I think, didn't we? Hmmmm?
Quick RUN!!!!
Stairway To Heaven, Seven Deadly Sins and Pizza Burgers - Them's good eatin'.
So what’s next for it well we have to put it altogether, but you already know that (Well, you will if read last weeks blog), and plan out the shooting of the next episode. That’s as long as we like the footage this time. Then, it’s on to the next episode!

TTFN for now acting fans,

Vernon Harcourt 
Christopher Haigh 

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