Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves...

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers to this weeks Wednesday blog post - let me tell you what’s been happening since Chris found out about getting some free foam.

We have been filming again, yep, you read that right actual filming. Alas we haven’t starting to film the last episode just yet (although we hope to start soon). Nope, Acting Fans, we have been filming an introduction to 'Behind The Acting' episode 3, yes, we're putting up another behind the scenes video to tide over while Episode 6 of the series is still in production. Now this is other bit of filming that we have been doing is not the Top Secret bit, oh no, that I STILL can’t say any more about. Shush.

Today we'll be doing a little more filming for another 'Behind the Acting' episode this one is a rather special one I've been wanting to film for a while as it is all about the props of 'Harcourt & Haigh: Actors at Large' and used throughout the series thus far, including some we built ourselves especially. I've been itching to let you know a bit about the stories and ideas behind our choices, so that's exactly what we're gonna do.

 Oh, I almost forgot m'learned colleague Chris did in fact get around to getting himself over to the Windsor Beds & Upholstery company (after a timely reminder from me, his mind's still a bit blown from seeing Cloud Atlas) and, thanks to Rick and the guys there, has got us a big bag full of the stuff so the puppet can move head and be built. Yay! One more cast member got for the last episode! We're still on the hunt for some warmer (and less foamy) bodies for the last episode, we haven't had any replies from the Amateur Dramatics societies we've contacted so far but fingers crossed!

Well, that’s it for now acting fans so it’s good night for him and it’s good night from me.


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Kindness Of Strangers

It's Friday blog time once again, Acting Fans. Today we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the milk of human kindness. We've been very lucky so far with the help of friends, family and others assisting us in the making of Harcourt & Haigh and we are grateful to them all but it's a very special thing to get help from complete strangers. Folk like the staff at Halifax Kitchens and Th'Cat I'th Well didn't have to let us use their space but they did and they did it for nothing, so thank you all so very much.
This week I got a reminder of how lucky we've been so far in the form of even more help from a new set of strangers. I'm currently trying to source materials for the puppet that I need to construct and realised I could do with some foam. I wasn't sure where to start to be honest, so I asked my sister if she had any ideas. Beka and my parents pointed me in the direction of local upholsterers. Genius.
The first call I made went a little like this:

"Hello, My name is Chris Haigh. I'm involved in a low to no budget creative project where I need to make a puppet and I was wondering if you might have any offcuts of foam I could get my hands on?"

"Well, You'd have to look in the waste bin and sort any foam from the fabric we also put in there."

"That would be fine. It'll probably be next week when I'm able to get there, when is the best time to turn up?"

"Just give us a call to make sure we're not out on a delivery."

Yes, Acting Fans, it's looking like I may have gotten exactly what we need with only ONE PHONE CALL?! All thanks to the lovely folks at Windsor Beds & Upholstery. Sometimes, just sometimes, people are AWESOME!

That's it for this week everyone, remember to ask nicely and you just might get!

Be Excellent to each other!


 Christopher Haigh

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warm Bodies II

Welcome back fellow bloggers and Acting Fans. Since last we spoke, well, blogged we have indeed been doing something, yes! Incredible, I know!

We, me and my fellow co-creator, have met up once again to go over the script with a fine tooth comb. Yes, we looked over the script to nail down exactly what we can start to film with just me and Chris as we are still need of those extra warm bodies to help out, our inbox remains empty. We decided to look at getting some people from other acting organisations in Halifax (the local amateur dramatic groups to be exact), so stay tuned in for the outcome on that. The email is winging it's way down the internet tubes as you read on.

e also read through the script, mostly just our lines, and did some minor tweaking to script, changing a few lines around and adding some things. What things were added, you may ask? Well I'm sorry H&H fan, that’s classified for now. We also discussed something else, a little something that could be coming your way soon, very soon indeed but this is even more top secret than what tweaks done and I can’t say anymore on this subject, I really shouldn’t been even saying any this of which you are reading - so forget that I’ve even said anything on this. Just let it drift from your mind.

Well, that’s it for now acting fans. Oh, apart from me and Jo watched 'Warm Bodies' too and it was pretty fun, so yeah that's something you could do to fill the time while you wait for more H&H goodness. Do be sure to come back here after though!

Anyway, it’s goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me.


(Ssh! Remember - I didn’t say anything about top secret plans SSHHHH!!!)

Vernon Harcourt

Friday, February 15, 2013

Warm Bodies

Belated Gung Hay Fat Choy, Acting Fans! We do hope the New Year of the Water Snake is treating you well and also commiserations to those of you who got 'Ralph'ed yesterday on Valentine's Day.

Just try to remember it's all a ploy by the cards and chocolate industry to boost sales during the long stretch to Easter! (Why, yes, I am cynical...yes, and single, why do you ask?) Or you could get a bit of your Romance quota from elsewhere. Which, thanks to a friend of mine, I did. Knowing I was at a loose end, my Bud invited me along to a showing of the new ZomRomCom 'Warm Bodies'.

Skinny little Marcus. He Grew Up. He Filled Out
And seeing as how they don't come around so often I thought I'd give it a go, even though the same producers brought us the *shudder* 'Twilight' films. Though it's not a patch on the first, it certainly warmed my cockles and had a few laugh out loud moments, some of them being a nicely wry turn on the soundtrack. So be sure to check it out if you fancy a fun film with a touch of black humour.
'Enough of this seasonal frivolity,' I might hear you say if this a) wasn't a blog article but a conversation and b) you have a particularly archaic speech pattern. 'What about an update on H&H productions, isn't that what this blog is supposed to be about?'
Well, as it turns out, 'Warm Bodies' is a pretty good segue - you see 'warm bodies' are exactly what Vern and I lack. Now hang on, hang on, PLEASE don't run away screaming from your computer/internet enabled device! It's not like that, not at all. We have NOT been turned into Zombies. ("Rurgh." "Shhh!")
No, sorry, what I meant to say is that we lack ADDITIONAL warm bodies ("Braaaaaaaaaains!" "Shush, Vernon!"). That is our search for additional Cheap-as-free actors has, so far, not been very effective. I've managed to get a one or two potential extra 'extras' from friends as far afield as Greater Manchester but we could still do with more. Failing that we may have to go with the Ultra Top Secret Emergency Backup Plan.
So besides casting our net wider in the attempt to bag us a shoal of actors, Vern will be taking time over the next couple of days to plan out some shoots that we can do regardless of the still-somewhat-changeable-weather. That is we have at least a couple more 'Behind The Acting' episodes to finish off to tide you over until we can get Episode 6 done.

That's it for this week, folks, so it's goodbye from me and it's a "Huuuuuuuuunnnngry!" from him,
(Now will you PLEASE stop chewing my elbow, Vern, I'm trying to finish typing!)


Christopher Haigh

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting By The Phone

Welcome back, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans it’s Wednesday so you know that means, yep, it’s blog time! They really are starting to come around quick. Come on, own up! Who put the week on fast forward, eh? A brief reminder of what we have ongoing, we are still looking for actors/extras (so, if you know any out there, send them our way) and we are waiting to hear back from people. Once we know what bodies we can have then we can try to figure out when the best day/s to start organise a readthrough/s of the script, plus we are going need a few other people to help out with that as well.

This week then should lead us in to shooting some sequences for the episode that don't require the full cast, which are mostly establishing shots of various locations around Halifax and other pick up shots that are a must and, well, the stuff that the 2nd unit director would usually do. Alas, since we can’t afford an 2nd unit as a low-to-no budget production, we have to do this ourselves. And we would be doing it for ourselves - if it wasn't for this flippin' snowing! We wouldn't mind rain, heck, a few rain-slicked street shots would be just what the doctor ordered but once again I look out the window and the place has been given a light dusting of white. Grr.

Well, I thinks that’s all for now, sorry, there's not been a lot going on but is it taking time and well we'll get there. Trust us.

So now it’s goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, February 8, 2013

This Is The Place

Welcome back Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, its Friday and also blog time again! The further happenings this week? Well we had our meeting at the Actors Workshop on Thursday afternoon and it went well and, folks, it's looking like we got the result that we wanted!

YES!!!! We can use the actor’s workshop for some of the scenes in the last episode of Series 1 (though it will most likely be a Sunday, we'll take any day we can get in there) and they’re going to have a word with some of the actors there for us to help out too. Everything is starting (be it very slowly) to come together, and I do so like that. The whole 'Plan coming together'.

A Room! Who cares about the view!?
We also decided to kill two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking) as we remembered another friend who is involved with a few amateur dramatics organisations, so we went down to have a chat with her too. She kindly lent us her Facebook wall to put the call out to people she knows. Megan, the lady in question, is also going to pass the message on and we might even be able to source some of the costuming from her associated groups too. Fingers crossed.  It’s good to have friends in theatre and in with other actors.

Oh, and I almost forgot too Today is my fellow actor/Co-creator Christopher Haigh’s Birthday! So join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday. Or as I nice gift to him maybe watch and share the first series of H&H!!!

Well that’s all for now folks so it goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me,


Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chin Wagging

Hello, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, yes, it’s Wednesday again (whoa, they're coming around fast). Right let's get on with this. What have we been doing? Well this week we're up to something besides the usual planning and preparation, we'll be getting in touch with folk about helping us out.

To whom have we got in touch with? I hear ask (and I do indeed hear you, my ears are that good). ACTORS, of course! Not just any actors, though. Actually the Studio Group Actors at the Workshop where I was in fact once a member many years ago. The place where I learned some of my craft. We are not only actor-hunting, though, we are seeking a meeting as we could also do with use of their building for the some of upcoming scenes.

We are to meet them Thursday afternoon to see, hopefully, when will be the best time to use the building. Fingers crossed and as to the rest of what’s happening we're still on with the planning and find materials for the props and puppets that we need to make. As well as a few more people to get in touch with about sorting things out for the upcoming shoots.

But that's for another blog and another time!!

So it’s Goodnight from him and it’s Goodnight from me.


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, February 1, 2013

Deleted (No, No, Undo Delete) Scenes

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, Friday it is and this here is our blog post. Yeah! Just what has been happening in the world of H&H, well we're still in that there planning stage (yeah, I know - I keep on saying that) but there is so much to do. We will get to the more exciting stuff soon. Promise.

So what about today? Why have you even bothered to read this post? Well, you lucky, lucky lot we have another treat for you whilst we're between things. Yep, We've got another episode of 'Behind The Acting' for you! This time it’s the go of the Deleted Scene. Yep, The things that were cut out of the series. Rather than bore you with 10 hours of Alternate Takes we've boiled them down to some of the more amusing scenes that we had to drop for whatever reason.

Here is the video I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone, yep, even the postman, the bus driver and that person who's sitting next to you on the bus.

 So it’s good night from him and it’s good night from me.


Vernon Harcourt