Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chin Wagging

Hello, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, yes, it’s Wednesday again (whoa, they're coming around fast). Right let's get on with this. What have we been doing? Well this week we're up to something besides the usual planning and preparation, we'll be getting in touch with folk about helping us out.

To whom have we got in touch with? I hear ask (and I do indeed hear you, my ears are that good). ACTORS, of course! Not just any actors, though. Actually the Studio Group Actors at the Workshop where I was in fact once a member many years ago. The place where I learned some of my craft. We are not only actor-hunting, though, we are seeking a meeting as we could also do with use of their building for the some of upcoming scenes.

We are to meet them Thursday afternoon to see, hopefully, when will be the best time to use the building. Fingers crossed and as to the rest of what’s happening we're still on with the planning and find materials for the props and puppets that we need to make. As well as a few more people to get in touch with about sorting things out for the upcoming shoots.

But that's for another blog and another time!!

So it’s Goodnight from him and it’s Goodnight from me.


Vernon Harcourt

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