Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting By The Phone

Welcome back, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans it’s Wednesday so you know that means, yep, it’s blog time! They really are starting to come around quick. Come on, own up! Who put the week on fast forward, eh? A brief reminder of what we have ongoing, we are still looking for actors/extras (so, if you know any out there, send them our way) and we are waiting to hear back from people. Once we know what bodies we can have then we can try to figure out when the best day/s to start organise a readthrough/s of the script, plus we are going need a few other people to help out with that as well.

This week then should lead us in to shooting some sequences for the episode that don't require the full cast, which are mostly establishing shots of various locations around Halifax and other pick up shots that are a must and, well, the stuff that the 2nd unit director would usually do. Alas, since we can’t afford an 2nd unit as a low-to-no budget production, we have to do this ourselves. And we would be doing it for ourselves - if it wasn't for this flippin' snowing! We wouldn't mind rain, heck, a few rain-slicked street shots would be just what the doctor ordered but once again I look out the window and the place has been given a light dusting of white. Grr.

Well, I thinks that’s all for now, sorry, there's not been a lot going on but is it taking time and well we'll get there. Trust us.

So now it’s goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me


Vernon Harcourt

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