Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warm Bodies II

Welcome back fellow bloggers and Acting Fans. Since last we spoke, well, blogged we have indeed been doing something, yes! Incredible, I know!

We, me and my fellow co-creator, have met up once again to go over the script with a fine tooth comb. Yes, we looked over the script to nail down exactly what we can start to film with just me and Chris as we are still need of those extra warm bodies to help out, our inbox remains empty. We decided to look at getting some people from other acting organisations in Halifax (the local amateur dramatic groups to be exact), so stay tuned in for the outcome on that. The email is winging it's way down the internet tubes as you read on.

e also read through the script, mostly just our lines, and did some minor tweaking to script, changing a few lines around and adding some things. What things were added, you may ask? Well I'm sorry H&H fan, that’s classified for now. We also discussed something else, a little something that could be coming your way soon, very soon indeed but this is even more top secret than what tweaks done and I can’t say anymore on this subject, I really shouldn’t been even saying any this of which you are reading - so forget that I’ve even said anything on this. Just let it drift from your mind.

Well, that’s it for now acting fans. Oh, apart from me and Jo watched 'Warm Bodies' too and it was pretty fun, so yeah that's something you could do to fill the time while you wait for more H&H goodness. Do be sure to come back here after though!

Anyway, it’s goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me.


(Ssh! Remember - I didn’t say anything about top secret plans SSHHHH!!!)

Vernon Harcourt

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