Friday, February 8, 2013

This Is The Place

Welcome back Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, its Friday and also blog time again! The further happenings this week? Well we had our meeting at the Actors Workshop on Thursday afternoon and it went well and, folks, it's looking like we got the result that we wanted!

YES!!!! We can use the actor’s workshop for some of the scenes in the last episode of Series 1 (though it will most likely be a Sunday, we'll take any day we can get in there) and they’re going to have a word with some of the actors there for us to help out too. Everything is starting (be it very slowly) to come together, and I do so like that. The whole 'Plan coming together'.

A Room! Who cares about the view!?
We also decided to kill two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking) as we remembered another friend who is involved with a few amateur dramatics organisations, so we went down to have a chat with her too. She kindly lent us her Facebook wall to put the call out to people she knows. Megan, the lady in question, is also going to pass the message on and we might even be able to source some of the costuming from her associated groups too. Fingers crossed.  It’s good to have friends in theatre and in with other actors.

Oh, and I almost forgot too Today is my fellow actor/Co-creator Christopher Haigh’s Birthday! So join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday. Or as I nice gift to him maybe watch and share the first series of H&H!!!

Well that’s all for now folks so it goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me,


Vernon Harcourt

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