Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves...

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers to this weeks Wednesday blog post - let me tell you what’s been happening since Chris found out about getting some free foam.

We have been filming again, yep, you read that right actual filming. Alas we haven’t starting to film the last episode just yet (although we hope to start soon). Nope, Acting Fans, we have been filming an introduction to 'Behind The Acting' episode 3, yes, we're putting up another behind the scenes video to tide over while Episode 6 of the series is still in production. Now this is other bit of filming that we have been doing is not the Top Secret bit, oh no, that I STILL can’t say any more about. Shush.

Today we'll be doing a little more filming for another 'Behind the Acting' episode this one is a rather special one I've been wanting to film for a while as it is all about the props of 'Harcourt & Haigh: Actors at Large' and used throughout the series thus far, including some we built ourselves especially. I've been itching to let you know a bit about the stories and ideas behind our choices, so that's exactly what we're gonna do.

 Oh, I almost forgot m'learned colleague Chris did in fact get around to getting himself over to the Windsor Beds & Upholstery company (after a timely reminder from me, his mind's still a bit blown from seeing Cloud Atlas) and, thanks to Rick and the guys there, has got us a big bag full of the stuff so the puppet can move head and be built. Yay! One more cast member got for the last episode! We're still on the hunt for some warmer (and less foamy) bodies for the last episode, we haven't had any replies from the Amateur Dramatics societies we've contacted so far but fingers crossed!

Well, that’s it for now acting fans so it’s good night for him and it’s good night from me.


Vernon Harcourt

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