Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Happy Humpday, Acting Fans, and it is a happy one here at H&H Productions - fingers crossed we are actually going to get some actual production with some actual filming tomorrow! Yes, you read that right - Filming! Yes, it has been a while thanks to unfortunate circumstances and filming-unfriendly work patterns. Keep your Fings crossed for us!

And, seeing as it has been a while, we are wracking our brains to draw up a list of exactly what we will need for tomorrow, besides some good luck for a change. The script is in place, a couple of new co-stars have been drafted and we are raring to go. Let's just hope the weather is with us when it comes to our outdoor shenanigans.
Heads have already been put together at our usual meet-up this Tuesday at our usual haunt (Nero's once again) all we have to do is get everybody and the stuff together. Hopefully we will be ready well in time for Goth Christmas! Now I'll leave you with this short, short blog as I go to check the list a third time.


Christopher Haigh

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