Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Takeover TV Terror

Greetings, Acting Fans, and as the sharp-eyed among you may have already noticed our latest Hallowe'en Special has escaped into the wild just in time:

That's not all though, Vern and I have also managed a Tuesday tête-à-tête on upcoming H&H Beeswax and we have hit upon a diabolical scheme, one of such pure devious nefariousness that it needs not only us, but involves you lot too!!!
Yes, this Hallowe'en we are going to try to harness the power of you nebulous internet chums to give the H&H channel a boost by getting as many likes and views as possible. To help kick it off we have started this Facebook Event here:

Even if you yourself do not have a foot in Facebook, you can still help out by watching our Hextra Bite between now and Hallowe'en Night, then 'Liking' the video with the ol' Youtbe Thumbs Up and then sending a link to someone you know who might enjoy the old H&H shenanigans but who hasn't seen them before. With all your help we can RULE THE INTERNETS!!! Or, ah, at least get a few extra views and a bit of a boost up the ol' Youtube listings. Heed our Dark Prayer and help us take over Youtube, just for Hallowe'en. Oh, And have a great one yourselves!!!


Christopher Haigh

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