Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Halloween Time!!!!

Welcome Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and the people of the worlds Internet, it is Friday and not just any ol' Friday - it's HALLOWEEN mwahahahahah!!! So, erm, anyhoo back to it and the 'it' that  it is back to is crunch time for all of our H&H fans! Yes, we need your help if you could please, please go and watch this years Halloween Special, and please gives us a like and subscribe too. Now I know Chris asked this of all you on Wednesday too, but we do need to get people out there to see it, and power is in all of your hands! So please gives us those views and likes. More views and likes can mean more fun for you too!

What else is happening down here at H&H HQ? Well, despite the blackly festive season we do have an Actor's Log vlog in the works and it is going to be going up next month (which is tomorrow, jeez, where has this year gone!?!). This vlog has been our floating vlog and has been filmed for a few weeks too but we have wanted to let something sink in and kinda make sure that you have been watching closely too. Well have you been??

Then it's going to be on to planning and filming the Christmas Special, yes, sorry to break it to you that time of year is once again almost upon us. We did have an idea but due to me starting work soon we going to have put that back until next year as we need a few props and costume for it too! So that leave us to come up with an another idea for this year. Well, surely we can do this we work well under pressure and to deadlines. So WE CAN DO IT, hahaha! And I must stop calling myself Shirley...

Well that's all for now folks


Vernon Harcourt

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