Friday, July 10, 2015


This. Is. ACTING!!!

Yes, Acting Fans, your eyes do not deceive you, not only is this our 300th Post it's also true your favourite felonious thespians are BACK! You have our sincere apologies for our (longer than intended) hiatus but a number of things, including life in general, got production off track. Nothing majorly serious, please do not worry, but misfiring ideas (that neither of us thought were really up to snuff), employment (or lack thereof), communication (or lack thereof) and some minor illness conspired to halt the H&H Productions machine.
As you can see above though, we're welcoming you back with the first episode of new look series 2 of Actor's Log (and the more eagle-eyed of you may notice a light sprucing up of the Production Blog itself). We're pretty proud of this one, it took us long enough to conceive it and it feels like a return to the essence of our initial idea of who Harcourt & Haigh are. The only problem now is to keep coming up with videos that are just as good! Oof.
You can rest assured, this is the first though and not the last - it's onwards and upwards into the 2015-2016 Series 2 from here on, so thank you for your patience and keep your eyes peeled for more H&H shenanigans to come but for now, People of the World's Internet...


Vernon Harcourt
Christopher Haigh