Friday, September 26, 2014

Endings Game

Welcome fellow bloggers, Acting Fans and people of the world's Internet, yep, it's Friday and it's my turn to say whats been happening at H&H HQ. So first of all, we weren't able to film this week as planned, though did manage our usually meet up to discuss and sort out a few things and a few things we did indeed sort out int the end. We sorted out two things, two more endings in fact.

We got on talking about our up and coming Actor's Log Vlog and how it needed something else as, well to be honest, the ending didn't end well enough. It was rather an weak in the fact it just, well, erm...ended. So as me and Chris were talking and consuming coffee we did indeed come with an more H&H ending. Which is better and keeps more in line with us in actually being funny (if I say so myself). Now we are still keeping the first ending, just adding a bit more to it (confused? don't be, at least you won't be once you see it as I can't go and tell you the ending now can I. That'd be the end of it.) Trust us it will all make sense once done.

Now on to the second discussed ending this time on the Halloween special as I was telling Chris what I had written down (well, trying to remember it) I as got the end of it I realised and that it just, well, cut off. That and some of the hooks in the special were never really wrapped up or showed what happened. (I'm trying me best not give too much away here.) Fortunately Chris had an idea from our Halloween brainstorming that he just couldn't let go of and after bouncing it around between us (like a rubber ball, baby) we have come with a way to work it in that, well, ends it very well, if I say so myself. That in it's self fits the Halloween special that we have been doing and it might just might lead to another special (I said 'might'). Once again I can't say too much or else risk giving anything away as [SPOILERS]. Mwhahahahah All I can say is we did laugh over both of the new ending and once again in true H&H style made more work for ourselves, oh, and more prop buying (this low-to-no budget stuff gets expensive sometimes). Well, whoever said this was easy.....was obviously lying, and needs to be told that, and made to stand in the corner. (Or could they be more talented than us, nah, stick to your first instincts, Vernon)

Now as to filming it looks less and less likely that we will be able to get it done this month, so you lot will be with out your H&H fix (boo, hiss) and the vlog we were going will have to be re-scheduled. But never fear acting fans we shall be back on top soon! And you do have a special Special coming next month too. So not all is bad.

Well that's all for now folks see you in the future


Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Well, it's Humpday again and this week, oh dear, it appears that the H&H Production machine has come off at this particular hump.

I got the message this morning from my colleague that we couldn't go ahead with today's planned shoot due to unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately this means due to my upcoming shift pattern it may not be possible to get an Actor's Log vlog up for September, but if the worst comes to the worst we will make it up to you in October! Stay tuned for further details.


Christopher Haigh

Friday, September 19, 2014

Creeping Up To Halloween

Hello Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and the World's Internet once again Friday has rolled around. So, as a part of your weekend feeling, feel me as I update you on what's been happening. Lets get on with this like someone who gets right on down to point and doesn't pad things out with meaningless filler. Or shilly-shally. Or play for time. No way. Straight to the point, that's me. Not a single further delay, nossir!

Okay, so after the meet-up we had, racking our brains about what we should for this year's Halloween special, which as you may have read (and if you haven't read that WHY NOT?!) it did indeed take us a while to come up with something, mainly as the idea we originally had in mind we can't do this year (& it was a good one, believe me). Next year maybe but I will say no more on that. After going through soooooo many ideas, some of them well, erm, not so great, not so great at ALL and some were just okay but nothing that really floated both of our boats. It  took us a while to get there and the idea that we could work with, well, it came out of us scouring our dual knoeledge of Horror Films, in fact from a very cheesy horror film that you might or might not have seen. I must confess I've never seen it, just the trailer for the film. Because it looked TERRIBLE. And not the Good kind of 'Terrible' either, just straight up AWFUL. Of course ours will be much better!

At home afterwards I struggled to get it down into script form. We had the spine of the thing and some good, funny notions but trying to remember them as I get down to scripting is always the trick, well,  erm, the trickIEST thing to do. So as I put pen to paper, well, fingers to keyboard (y'know, that just doesn't have the same ring to it) and banged out a first draft of this year's special. I am pleased with it but I do think it could do with work.,so it emailed out to M'learnered colleague for him to have look over and have a poke at it with his thinking stick to try tease out any jokes that might not quite
be there.

Hopefully soon, within a few weeks, we will have a script we can use, hahahaha!!! As I need to get done as Halloween is slowly but faster than it appears (in true Horror Film style) creeping up on us like a thing what creeps around in the night. Erm, yeah.

Well, that's everything for now people, See you on the Future! *BLEH!*


Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Block Busters

Hello, Acting Fans, another midweek missive from H&H productions, thanks to no work schedule conflict this week. This also meant we managed to get our meet-up in a bit easier this week, though sadly work fatigue got in the way of our previously planned Sunday shoot. At least we know what we are doing now though as I managed a pass-over and bit of a re-jig of the upcoming Actor's Log, which m'learned colleague confirmed he approved of at our meeting.
Our focus this week though was to try and break the back of this year's Halloween Special. Which is where we promptly ground to a halt. Unfortunately, our initial idea is a little too complex and man-power heavy for us to get so, with the time and people we have to hand (basically us), we needed something a bit more streamlined.

We were well and truly blocked on the writing front, spending some time alternately staring blankly at each other or into space trying to think of something, anything. We tried looking at some old idea notes for inspiration, which gave us an idea for something humorous. Unfortunately the idea was something separate to H&H but after a bit of research, it may still end up on the H&H Productions plate. Sometimes, though, when you have an idea it can lead to more and maybe that notion loosened us up a bit, as we finally came up with something. It was still a bit of a struggle though. Running through a few classic horror tropes we hit upon an idea! Now all we have to do is, do it!


Christopher Haigh

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fine Tuning

Welcome, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the world's Internet. It's Friday once again it's my turn so, first thing first, an apology! Sorry for no bloggy blogging on Wednesday as Chris had a staff meeting at work late afternoon/early evening after doing his normal working shift pattern for the day but we did get to squeeze a meet-up in before the meeting, so go easy on him.

Not quite what Chris looked like on the day but close!
Okay, so what was the meeting about? What did we get to talk about at our squeezed in meeting? Ok, ok, ok, sit right there and I shall tell you all about it. For once we got straight down to it, no talking about other films, (mainly because we didn't have a load of time with Chris's staff meeting looming) we planned out some more for this months Vlog. Which hopefully should be filmed very soon, also we sorted out some more stuff to do with next months vlog - mainly going over a few of the jokes and fine tuning them - as both of them are written down and almost ready to go. It's very rare that the first draft is ever filmed by us these days, they often go through a few mutations (sometimes even on the actual days of shooting themselves, with us not always sticking to it on the day). Plus this time we've not got too many props to get together, well, at least one of them we already own, luckily.

Which then lead us on to the planning of the Christmas Vlog (not long now, about 12 week away in fact, eek!)! Yes, even we have started to plan for our Christmas fun! Before that though we have Halloween coming up and, well, we've managed an Halloween special over the last couple of years, so we got on talking about that (after all it would be a shame to drop the ball on the third year when third time's the charm) and at this moment we are... well, rather a bit stuck on what to do this year. So, er, if anyone has any ideas send them to us via our Facebook page and/or twitter lol teehee...

Alrighty then, that's all for now folks...See you in the Future


Vernon Harcourt

Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to the PC

Welcome acting fans, fellow blogger and people of the words Internet, it's Friday and time for my ramblings as to what's been happening at the H&H HQ. OK, LET'S DO THIS, after an successful test for a future Actor's Log (we are actually not sure on when, but we had to do a test to see if it was practical) we got to talking about and bouncing around ideas for some more vlogs.

One which will kind of tie into a certain viral video that's been going around the world, yes, you've probably guessed which one I'm talking about, I'm not saying though, tee hee, but it will be done in true H&H style and another one of where we wake up from drinking and, well, lets leave that one there otherwise you know it will be [SPOILERS]. After some laughter about these vlogs and making sure the idea would work, I had to write them down and quick as I didn't have the H&H note book with me, D'oh (I remembered everything else just not that, honest). So when I got back to mine it straight onto the computer to write down and flesh out both of the ideas before too much slipped my mind.
Tappitty tappitty tap!
Well, at first it was just going to be the post-drinking Vlog that would get the scripting treatment and on the other one we were going to wing it but, the more I thought on about it, I realised it would be better to have a sort of structure for it, as it is often better to have a written spine to add the libbed lines to and the set dialogue can make it easier to match up in the edit too. And sometimes those ad lib lines seem to get fumbled or fluffed even easier than the lines written down. Well, I can sure fumble add lip, er I mean ad lib lines much more easier and than, well, erm, written down lines too....... Ermm...erm......... LINE!!!!!

That's all for now folks, see you in the FUTURE!!!


Vernon Harcourt

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Blue Lamp

Greetings, Acting Fans! Welcome to the middle of the week! We hope all of you aren't feeling too blue about the change of season, we're a little blue ourselves this week as my shift pattern means I'm unavailable for filming and, even if I wasn't, H&H HQ is out-of-bounds for filming at the mo due to our sensitivity to housemates' privacy. Despite this we've managed to get together today at our home-away-from-home, Legacy Comics, to do a little shooting feasibility study there. Yes, we've been messing about with a blue lamp!

No, not a lava lamp like this one but it'll have to do as an illustration for now, as the real deal might give something of the game away! I can tell you though that it was a promising test and we may be able to sort out what we want to do with it a little more easily than we originally imagined, with a bit of luck and just a touch of elbow grease, of course.
We also talked the ears off our resident comic book dealer (poor Simon!) for a bit, which led to a possible modification of an earlier idea and a new, non-flat-centric idea for another Actor's Log but I'll leave the info about that to m'learned colleague's Friday update, you'll have to stay tuned!


Christopher Haigh