Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to the PC

Welcome acting fans, fellow blogger and people of the words Internet, it's Friday and time for my ramblings as to what's been happening at the H&H HQ. OK, LET'S DO THIS, after an successful test for a future Actor's Log (we are actually not sure on when, but we had to do a test to see if it was practical) we got to talking about and bouncing around ideas for some more vlogs.

One which will kind of tie into a certain viral video that's been going around the world, yes, you've probably guessed which one I'm talking about, I'm not saying though, tee hee, but it will be done in true H&H style and another one of where we wake up from drinking and, well, lets leave that one there otherwise you know it will be [SPOILERS]. After some laughter about these vlogs and making sure the idea would work, I had to write them down and quick as I didn't have the H&H note book with me, D'oh (I remembered everything else just not that, honest). So when I got back to mine it straight onto the computer to write down and flesh out both of the ideas before too much slipped my mind.
Tappitty tappitty tap!
Well, at first it was just going to be the post-drinking Vlog that would get the scripting treatment and on the other one we were going to wing it but, the more I thought on about it, I realised it would be better to have a sort of structure for it, as it is often better to have a written spine to add the libbed lines to and the set dialogue can make it easier to match up in the edit too. And sometimes those ad lib lines seem to get fumbled or fluffed even easier than the lines written down. Well, I can sure fumble add lip, er I mean ad lib lines much more easier and than, well, erm, written down lines too....... Ermm...erm......... LINE!!!!!

That's all for now folks, see you in the FUTURE!!!


Vernon Harcourt

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