Friday, September 19, 2014

Creeping Up To Halloween

Hello Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and the World's Internet once again Friday has rolled around. So, as a part of your weekend feeling, feel me as I update you on what's been happening. Lets get on with this like someone who gets right on down to point and doesn't pad things out with meaningless filler. Or shilly-shally. Or play for time. No way. Straight to the point, that's me. Not a single further delay, nossir!

Okay, so after the meet-up we had, racking our brains about what we should for this year's Halloween special, which as you may have read (and if you haven't read that WHY NOT?!) it did indeed take us a while to come up with something, mainly as the idea we originally had in mind we can't do this year (& it was a good one, believe me). Next year maybe but I will say no more on that. After going through soooooo many ideas, some of them well, erm, not so great, not so great at ALL and some were just okay but nothing that really floated both of our boats. It  took us a while to get there and the idea that we could work with, well, it came out of us scouring our dual knoeledge of Horror Films, in fact from a very cheesy horror film that you might or might not have seen. I must confess I've never seen it, just the trailer for the film. Because it looked TERRIBLE. And not the Good kind of 'Terrible' either, just straight up AWFUL. Of course ours will be much better!

At home afterwards I struggled to get it down into script form. We had the spine of the thing and some good, funny notions but trying to remember them as I get down to scripting is always the trick, well,  erm, the trickIEST thing to do. So as I put pen to paper, well, fingers to keyboard (y'know, that just doesn't have the same ring to it) and banged out a first draft of this year's special. I am pleased with it but I do think it could do with work.,so it emailed out to M'learnered colleague for him to have look over and have a poke at it with his thinking stick to try tease out any jokes that might not quite
be there.

Hopefully soon, within a few weeks, we will have a script we can use, hahahaha!!! As I need to get done as Halloween is slowly but faster than it appears (in true Horror Film style) creeping up on us like a thing what creeps around in the night. Erm, yeah.

Well, that's everything for now people, See you on the Future! *BLEH!*


Vernon Harcourt

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