Friday, September 12, 2014

Fine Tuning

Welcome, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the world's Internet. It's Friday once again it's my turn so, first thing first, an apology! Sorry for no bloggy blogging on Wednesday as Chris had a staff meeting at work late afternoon/early evening after doing his normal working shift pattern for the day but we did get to squeeze a meet-up in before the meeting, so go easy on him.

Not quite what Chris looked like on the day but close!
Okay, so what was the meeting about? What did we get to talk about at our squeezed in meeting? Ok, ok, ok, sit right there and I shall tell you all about it. For once we got straight down to it, no talking about other films, (mainly because we didn't have a load of time with Chris's staff meeting looming) we planned out some more for this months Vlog. Which hopefully should be filmed very soon, also we sorted out some more stuff to do with next months vlog - mainly going over a few of the jokes and fine tuning them - as both of them are written down and almost ready to go. It's very rare that the first draft is ever filmed by us these days, they often go through a few mutations (sometimes even on the actual days of shooting themselves, with us not always sticking to it on the day). Plus this time we've not got too many props to get together, well, at least one of them we already own, luckily.

Which then lead us on to the planning of the Christmas Vlog (not long now, about 12 week away in fact, eek!)! Yes, even we have started to plan for our Christmas fun! Before that though we have Halloween coming up and, well, we've managed an Halloween special over the last couple of years, so we got on talking about that (after all it would be a shame to drop the ball on the third year when third time's the charm) and at this moment we are... well, rather a bit stuck on what to do this year. So, er, if anyone has any ideas send them to us via our Facebook page and/or twitter lol teehee...

Alrighty then, that's all for now folks...See you in the Future


Vernon Harcourt

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