Monday, September 14, 2015

Straight Outta Avon, Ye Fulle Sonnet

Straight outta Avon, crazy mother[BEEP]er named Shakespeare,
A troupe called Global Players!
Will get called off, gets his lines off,
Hits his mark, the audience they applaud off.

You too, boy ya wanna act like Will,
Deliver those rhymes by meter and skill?
No punk mother[BEEP]ers that are acting out!
Actors wanna rumble, they all start to mumble.
Mix 'em, put 'em down and they all just stumble!

Goin off on a dungheap like that,
With the stage pointing at yo' ass?
So give it up boosh!
No tellin when I'm down for a K-Bran movie!
Here's a tap an rap to keep yo' dance on,
With acting record like James Mason!

The stage is the tool!
Don't make me act the mother[BEEP]in' fool!
Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe,
Knocking those tickets out tha box, daily,
Yo weekly, nightly and monthly!
'Til them dumb mother[BEEP]ers see clearly,
That I'm down with the capital A-C-T!

Boy you can't act with me
When I'm in your neighborhood, you better duck,
Coz H is crazy as Puck!
As I leave, a board I stomp on!
But when I come back, boy, I'm comin' straight outta Avon!

Straight outta Avon, number one crazy @$$ player!
More dope he smoke, yo, his rep gets bigger!
He's the bard mother[BEEP]er and you know this,
Givin' dope @$$ messages in pentamenter!

Will don't give a [BEEP], He'da make his raps,
If not for the stage, he be pullin' the crops!
Back in the day, ain't no AK for packing',
But my man Shakespeare was ready for 'jacking'!
Slice a mother[BEEP]er in a minute,
Stage fight foot work always win it!

So if you're at a show in the front row,
Pay full attention or blood will flow!

You'll probably go wild when I show you my Falstaff,
Demonstratin' to you other actors are all chaff!
Keepin' it real, we're packing the steel!
Attitude verity 'cause I'm chewin' the scenery!

MC Will rhymes flow automatic,
For any dumb mutha[BEEP]er that starts static.
Not the right hand cause I'm the hand itself,
Every time I pull a rapier off the shelf!
The dramaity is maximum and words the law,
Shakespeare lyrics spitting it raw!

See, coz I'm the mother[BEEP]in villain,
Enterin' stage left, you witness my illin'!
Whats takin' place is drama due,
And, when the curtain drops, the show is through!
Look, you might take it as a trip,
but a player like H is on a BAFTA tip!
Comin' straight outta Avon!

Now that we told ya, 
It's clear to see.

Bard's just the old word for MC!

Now let the curtain...drop!

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