Friday, February 22, 2013

The Kindness Of Strangers

It's Friday blog time once again, Acting Fans. Today we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the milk of human kindness. We've been very lucky so far with the help of friends, family and others assisting us in the making of Harcourt & Haigh and we are grateful to them all but it's a very special thing to get help from complete strangers. Folk like the staff at Halifax Kitchens and Th'Cat I'th Well didn't have to let us use their space but they did and they did it for nothing, so thank you all so very much.
This week I got a reminder of how lucky we've been so far in the form of even more help from a new set of strangers. I'm currently trying to source materials for the puppet that I need to construct and realised I could do with some foam. I wasn't sure where to start to be honest, so I asked my sister if she had any ideas. Beka and my parents pointed me in the direction of local upholsterers. Genius.
The first call I made went a little like this:

"Hello, My name is Chris Haigh. I'm involved in a low to no budget creative project where I need to make a puppet and I was wondering if you might have any offcuts of foam I could get my hands on?"

"Well, You'd have to look in the waste bin and sort any foam from the fabric we also put in there."

"That would be fine. It'll probably be next week when I'm able to get there, when is the best time to turn up?"

"Just give us a call to make sure we're not out on a delivery."

Yes, Acting Fans, it's looking like I may have gotten exactly what we need with only ONE PHONE CALL?! All thanks to the lovely folks at Windsor Beds & Upholstery. Sometimes, just sometimes, people are AWESOME!

That's it for this week everyone, remember to ask nicely and you just might get!

Be Excellent to each other!


 Christopher Haigh

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