Friday, March 2, 2012

Give Us Our Props V

Greetings, acting fans.
I am still unwell at the moment, but I am making a herculean effort to blog on (and let's face it, my computer is pretty close to my sickbed - hang on you couldn't tell that where you are. Damn, so much for playing the martyr).
Today I thought I'd take the time to unveil some more props, some of them that my learned colleague has created for the show, that make their first appearance in the pilot. However I don't want to blow the gags of some of these, so once again I'm playing the Big Tease.

What could it be?! What! A clue? What if I said here at H&H Productions we aren't afraid to take an out-of-date meme and run it into the ground?
Another poster, you say? We’ve gone poster mad?! Well, ok, but it's one we've made ourselves this time, all will be revealed to due time.
What about wrapping your eyeballs round THIS one:

And what exactly is this an opportunity at an opportunity for I hear you ask?
Wait and see, cheeky chops.
And last but by no means least is this mystery of a nifty little prop. This was given to me by a dear friend for Xmas (Thank you, Shaleene! Props to you for a Prop for me!)

And what does it do? Ha-Ha! You’ll just have to watch and wait. Patience, Acting Fans.

So long for now,

Big Tease out,


Vernon Harcourt

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