Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Checking It Twice

Welcome once again, fellow bloggers, Acting Fans and people of the internet, yep, it's Wednesday once again and this is our blog.

Once again we have been a bit busy, we have put up another Vlog video on YouTube, Number 3. WHAT?! You've not seen it yet? Hmm...ok, I'll be nice and it is under this text of which are reading for you to watch and enjoy.

Watched it? gGood. Now what else have we been doing, well, we have been putting together a Christmas list, no, no, not for Santa (though we have been exceptionally good this year) but for our next vlog. You see we have a few things in which we need to do this next vlog. In fact I think it has the most props we have every used in one go, more than most episodes. No, really it has we have about [SPOILERS] many [SPOILERS] including a [SPOILERS], [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS], [SPOILERS] and [SPOILERS] *teehee* we are so mean to you!

Well I'd best get back to the list and find some footage clips of things I need for it. 'What footage and what things?' I hear you cry out at once, then suddenly silence. Well you will just have to wait and see, we won't keep you waiting too long for it.

That's all for now folks we'll be seeing you on Friday.


Vernon Harcourt

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