Friday, November 15, 2013

Elemental, My Dear Watson

Happy Weekend, Acting Fans, it is for us here at and, in the spirit of 'Children in Need', here I am blogging away in my pajamas. Now it may be true that there has been little going on since our flurry of activity in getting the Actor's log off the ground (and on to Youtube) but as a part of the next phase of H&H we're trying to be better at disseminating our comedy doings, putting Twitter and Tumblr to good use to cut out our own slice of the Interwebs and, well, it's paid an unexpected dividend as we have been followed back by a musical idol of ours the inexplicable, irreplaceable master of syncopated speech with musical accompaniment Professor Elemental himself has followed us back on Twitter! What do you mean WHO?! Britain's foremost tea-drinker, explorer and gentleman rhymer, of course! THIS CHAP:

You might do well to acquaint yourself with his excellent oeuvre to entertain yourselves between doses of H&H, you could do worse. We'd just like to say a public Thank You to the Prof, especially as he's helped liven up an otherwise somewhat colourless blog, what with what we are doing (getting more props together and prepping more vlog ideas) not being at a stage to share with you more interesting details.
Anyway that's all, folks, have a good one and please do think of the Children! (& don't just watch for the Doctor Who bits like we are!)


Christopher Haigh

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