Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Welcome to the midweek, fellow bloggers, people of the internets and Acting Fans, yes, it's Wednesday so you know what it's time for - let's get down to it. We have been busy this once again week down here at H&H HQ, yes, I know it's only Wednesday so how busy could we have been in just two days of a new week?

Well, we put up the 2nd H&H Vlog you the world of the internet to see, if you have not seen it, well WHY? Ok, just for you it's here just below this text. We are good to you lot aren't we?

So what, you say, that's just a bit of uploading what else have we been doing other than putting up a 2nd Vlog? We me and Chris have only once again been filming and now filmed have the 3rd blog vlog, yes, that's right - a THIRD vlog (these might even be come a regular thing at this rate)! Yes, we got the idea for this from something that has been mentioned in the media lately, all the news about a somewhat well-known film franchise doing some UK-based open auditions. And it got us thinking, especially about what H&H just might do about that.

As I said it was filming Yesterday(Tuesday 19th November) at H&H HQ to go with footage of a familiar-looking sequence (pre-edited by Chris over the weekend) and once it was shot it was rushed back the Editing Suite and edited (at the sacrifice of Chris not going food shopping, now that's dedication - don't worry though he had some fish fingers in). So it's now ready to go but when will it go up, I hear you ask, jeez, you do ask a lot of us don't you? Well it will be very soon, my pretties, soon.

That's it for now we will see you on Friday or read you it you like.


Vernon Harcourt

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