Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(Not Very) Dear Diary

Welcome, interneterers, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, yep, were back for another Wednesday blog post. So sit right there and let me tell you how and what we have been doing this week!

Well it has been very busy down here at H&H HQ, yep, we have been steaming along with the Next Phase of H&H. Once again we have been busy filming. Yep, you have indeed read that right FILMING! 'But what?!' I hear you cry, well now just calm down and I will tell you. We have been filming the 2nd Actor's Log video and it was a lot of fun to do (with much laughing on set), yes, we filmed and it was done in record time too! What do you mean 'What's an Actor's log'?! It was clearly explained RIGHT HERE:

Yes, THAT Actor's Log - these are a major part of the next phase of Harcourt & Haigh, so from now we hope to get at least one of these quick turn-around short shorts on the channel a month so there's something new (and Funny, we hope) to see on the channel in between the Series and Specials being made (plus it keeps us on out toes). The very next Vlog is based on semi-true events that happened to M' colleague Chris too and, well, when I heard it I knew it just had to be a blog so we met up this Monday gone (the 11th) and got down to film, then Chris took it off to the editing suite for the cut.  Now it has been done and is ready to go. Yes, folks we filmed and edited it all within two days (we are indeed getting better at this) and I can say it came out a lot better than I ever imagined!

I can also say this is probably one of my favourites so far, of all the things we've done so far too, I so can't wait for it to go up, and when will it go up, I bet you are all wondering....well it will be soooon!

Well that's all folks.... and we will see you on Friday


Vernon Harcourt

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