Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So We Begin...

Welcome, people of the internets and fellow bloggers and, yes, all you Acting Fans you lot too. Once again it's Wednesday so here is our blog on what's been happening down here at our HQ/Production Office/My Flat.

Well, as it turns out we have actually been filming once again, yep, yes we have! "Just what is it we have been filming", I hear you wonder (you really wonder quite loud, you lot). Now just sit back down there and I will tell you, geez, you're such an impatient bunch! You may remember (if you've been paying attention like good little Acting Fans) that we said that we were going to be starting something 'big' over here at H&H Productions. Well, we have indeed started the next BIG thing for H&H and paradoxically it's actually quite short, for a Big Move that is. Anyway, that was what we were filming for yesterday (Tuesday the 5th November) taking the advantage of a gap in Chris's shifts to get it done and even by our stands it was a very quick shoot and edit. A short cut, if you will. Yes, folks it was done in the same day this time but you will find out exactly how and why it was able to be done so quick soon.

"What is it", I hear you ask and, "When we will be able to view it?" Well, what it is I cannot say just yet because, well, you see it'd be [SPOILERS] so, no, I mustn't. I simply I canno..... HOLD ON! I CAN tell you WHEN you will see it, HA HA, of course! So pin your ears back and listen closely folks, in a move we have totally nicked from the Doctor Who Marketing Team, we here at H&H Productions as you to SAVE THE DAY!
We want you to SAVE THE DAY of the 11th NOVEMBER to be precise!
Yes, the next BIG but SHORT thing goes live on THIS COMING MONDAY! So please be there to witness a new phase of H&H, a bold NEW Era in ACTING!

ell that's all for now folks so stay tuned and...


Vernon Harcourt

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