Friday, November 8, 2013

Return To the End Of The Beginning

Welcome to the weekend, Acting Fans and other peoples of the Internets, and this weekend it's a most special time of year - yes, tomorrow it's time for the Vernniversary. To celebrate the most auspicious arrival of your favourite Colossal Acting Talent on our humble planet we will be assembling the H&H Productions News Team to anchor rolling coverage of what should really be a national holiday! In lieu of a day off please join me in once again wishing the Vernster a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns!
Anyway as it's his Birthday we've decided a little treat (for you lot) to celebrate the fact is in order before this Monday, that you should already be #SAVETHEDAYing remember, so we dug back into the H&H archives and sifted out this little bit of H&H History. Yes, we're spoiling you again. As a little 'Thank you' to everyone who helped us get this thing off the ground and get the pilot filmed we shot this short on my Dad's camcorder (for effect, yes, yes, okay AND because we are a Low-to-No Budget production) and, after a dust off with a quick once-over, we thought we'd stick it out there for you lot as a 'thank you' for tuning in to the felonious acting of our two struggling thespians.

So there you go a quick look through the wayback machine to the very beginning, we hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and there might be a bit of a connection with the upcoming #SAVETHEDAY event this very Monday, yes, we can be a bit sneaky like that seeding things to come. You really should keep your eyes peeled when watching Harcourt & Haigh, y'know. That's it for this week, Internet Chums & Blogonauts, but of course you still need to #SAVETHEDAY - MONDAY 11TH NOVEMBER to be precise for the Next Phase of 'Harcourt & Haigh:Actors at Large' stay tuned.


Christopher Haigh

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