Friday, May 10, 2013

Props & T.G.I...

Friday and welcome back, Acting Fans, yes it is so it means another blog post but this time we do have something for you and, no, it’s not a blog on about more planning!
Nope, it’s a video that we have in store but alas it’s not episode 6 quite yet, I mean I know we can be fast at filming - but not that fast, internet pals. That shall be done in due time...

So what exactly is this video? I hear you ask, well, it's been a bit of a lost week for H&H Productions this week so, rather than leave you guys & gals empty-handed we've got another 'Behind The Acting' we had aside for just such an occasion - this time it’s the props turn. Yep, Tune in to listen to us discuss some of the main props used in the show so far, some of which you might not have even noticed, or knew what they might be - but I'm sure most of you out there would have seen discerning viewers of H&H that you are. And it should be just below here this here text:

Well, that’s all for today folks see you very soon,


Vernon Harcourt

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