Friday, May 24, 2013

Taking It To The Bank (Holiday Weekend)

Bad News, Acting Fans, on the H&H front this week. What's been going on at H&H HQ (production-wise, anyway) has been exactly this:

That's right, Internet Chums, despite our best efforts (and an unexpected reprieve from my afternoon shift today) thanks to Vern's upcoming employment, my current day job and the encroaching Bank Holiday Weekend we haven't even been able to do our regular weekly H&H Meet-Up, let alone anything else. Though seeing the weather outside my window today I'm glad we didn't have any filming set for tonite!

Looks like we'll have to scrub this week altogether and chalk it up to experience, or maybe lack thereof. Despite the disappointment of this weeks setback though we're both determined to get on. It turns out that Vern's new post, though it's costing him prep time now, it's starting a little later than expected. So hold on to your hats, Acting Fans, we don't want to jinx it but we're hoping to use that to our advantage! Apologies once again from the H&H crew but we'll be back with you next week so stay tuned and...


Christopher Haigh

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