Friday, May 3, 2013

Back In The Saddle!

Welcome back fellow bloggers and acting fans yep it’s Friday an well you know the drill by now, so what happened? As you well know we said in Wednesdays blog we intended filming outdoors last night (Thursday 2nd May, mark it in your diaries as an Historic Event, folks) and, yep, we did! Oh yeah, H&H are truly back in the saddle!

Yes, we actually did some filming - it was only a few scenes, all scenes where it only required the two of us, like our opening scene of the episode and couple of the other scenes where it was just me and Chris. And in true H&H style some extra lines might just have been added in on set, you can’t help ad lib every now and then - mix things up a bit. Well, it always works for Robert Downey, Jr., dammit!

We even turned into lighting directors for the night, using different light sources to get the right effect. Though our lighting rig consisted of the ambient street lights, a mobile phone flash and a pair of lava lamps (not necessarily at the same time, the lava lamps power cords aren't that long for a start). Well, we are a Low-to-No budget feature so we have to do these things ourselves with what we have to hand.

Sneak Peek
We were going to do some of the many running shots but, alas, it became too late as we really needed to see and review the footage from the shoot before Chris had to scoot on the last bus. Plus I wasn’t wearing the right foot wear for the running shots; I was all very Peter Cushing on set. Yup, Slippers. What can I say, never sacrifice comfort for speed.

Well, that’s it for H&H fans you all have a good weekend and we’ll see in the future.


Vernon Harcourt

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