Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preparing For Re-Entry

Running around but not like a headless chicken, no, with a purpose! Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow blogonauts, it's that time again. What’s been happening over here at the  H&H HQ? Well, Erm, nothing - Chris has been busy doing his day job and, like I may have mentioned, I've been running around being busy with sorting out stuff for me starting work next week, you know all the boring but necessary stuff like like sort out documents and trying to sort the right start date and that. Yep, we have been busy just not with H&H, oh, but I have manage to get a few more people to say yes to helping out and I just need to send them a copy of script so they can start to learn their lines.

My new job his taken up a lot of my time and it hasn't even started yet! It's times like these when it seems Time itself is our worst enemy, what we wouldn't do for a certain Blue Box, eh? So sorry there’s not much for us to report at this moment in time but please stay tuned for later moments where we will have something to say and, hopefully, something done too.

So that’s it for now folks hopefully more to report on Friday,


Vernon Harcourt

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