Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chewing The Fat

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, so what have we been doing since the last Fridays video post? (If you've not seen it, go and check it out, please!)

Not entirely an accurate a depiction but Chris has been doing a bit of sewing of late
 After last weeks skip week, when we didn’t get to meet up, we made darn sure that we got a catch up this Tuesday and, yep ,you’ve guess it yet more planning. No, please don’t reach for that 'X' tab button just yet, it is all important planning. We took another look at the shot selection from our first shoot for episode 6's footage (that involved us in character and wasn't just test footage) so Chris could transport it to the editing suite (yes, that's right - also know has his bedroom).

We also discussed the upcoming shooting schedule that will involving more victims, Erm…. I mean actors. We’ve decided it will be better to film in the smaller required groups first, leading up to us doing the largest scene last. So the next job is going to involve me and Chris taking a long hard look at our calendars and getting some definite shooting days, so we can get our willing victims, er, I mean actors availability. Well, that’s all for today folks see you soon (well, Friday in fact)


Vernon Harcourt

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