Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It Begins...

(well, again...)

Welcome back, bloggers and Acting Fans, yep, it’s Wednesday and this is our blog post about what have we been up to so far this week. Well, first we haven’t had our usual weekly meet-up as Chris has been busy doing his day job and working on his mastery of puppets. So there's nothing much to report on that side but we do still have the planned shoot for tomorrow night.
WARNING: Entirely misleading thematic photo
Yep, We WILL be going out and getting some of the scenes that are just me and Chris, like our intro scene and a few others that we don’t need anyone else in. Most of this has been planned out and well it should be as we've been planning for months now! Just best get on and learn some of my lines and get my directions sorted out, then. Oh! And charge the camera. Hmm, well I think that’s it for now people of the Internets.

Oh, and on one last side note if you are need of your Harcourt & Haigh fix, well then, there’s a whole channel on the YouTube so you could always go and re-re-watch them again and tell 3 friends and get to tell 3 friends and they can then tell 3 more threes of friends and so on and so forth (up to so several thousand would be better, though).

See you on the other side of the week, internet people!


Vernon Harcourt

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