Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brick Wall

Welcome back fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, well, what can I say....erm, well, we have come to bit of a stop at the moment. (No, we're not stopping forever. Don't panic) It’s just that, once again, this week between Chris's regular day job and me busying about trying to sort out mine has put the kibosh on things. Getting the things I need in place, like finding & sending of more ID and other administration information has stopped us getting together, even when Chris had an unexpected free day last week, darn it! And now thw Waiting! Waiting to start with my start date next month now! And then there's been getting a sort of new PC - so I’ve been busy sorting out the programs I had and re-finding some of what I had on my PC (note to self: next time write down what I have and use). All in all we've hit a bit of a Wall these past few weeks.

So we haven’t had much of a chance, none at all in fact, to meet up and sort out things. Heck we haven't even had time to meet up for Chris to give me his upcoming rota! (CHRIS: Ooops! Sorry, Vern - I'll get right on it!) I mean, don't get me wrong, we're not giving up, we will get there with it and it will be done and filmed and up as soon as possible. We just have a lot of others things going on at the mo. So I'm sorry for this hiatus on H&H's progress for now. It will pick back up soon I promise.

Yours apologetically, 


Vernon Harcourt

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