Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winter (Soldier) Is Coming

Well, he's already been for me. Welcome to Midweek, Acting Fans, and back to our fully operational and on time (just about) Blog! I'm now feeling a lot better but today's meet-up was delayed due to my attendance (and consequent sleeping-in) of the local Vue's last Tuesday showing of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier', to get in on their sweet Super Tuesday offer it's the only one I could make. I did not, however, check the timing too well as by the end of the film (hey, I have to see those end credit scenes) it was 11:30. 11:30 which is after the Last Bus so it was a scenic walk home on the cards for me, AND I'D DO IT AGAIN!!! I am, after all, a Yorkshireman (like the Scottish but less generous ;-).
That exhausting act of full frontal nerdity was exacerbated by me going out on a bit of a scouting mission, successful as it turned out, for a further bit of nerdity - this time of the collectable variety (alright, alright - it was a Transformer). Though I did get home in time for a nice late lunch, it was later than I intended (thank you, Brain, for insisting there was a quarter past train at Sowerby Bridge station, you were, in fact, quite wrong). By way of apology I offered to meet m'learned colleague at the coffee shop of his choice, for a meeting with coffee provided by me.

After regaling him with my tale of miscalculated film times and recommending 'The Winter Soldier' (okay, okay geeking out) it turned out Vern himself is off to see it tonight with his flatmates. Coffees in hand we headed upstairs to get down to H&H business. We got on with planning out the next phase of getting the next vlog filmed which we'll hopefully be able to get sorted next week, as unfortunately filming this weekend is out (though the 'why' we can't film isn't what you'd really call 'unfortunate', but more on that on Friday from m'colleague). Despite still having a working delay, we realised we needed to have another idea in the bag for a vlog after the next vlog is done. Vern had the idea of looking over the prior vlogs to perhaps think about a sequel or semi-sequel to one. And a rather good idea was formed, which Vern will be writing up the basic idea of tonight!
With the planning done and a next idea in hand, we had a bit more nerd chatter over our coffees as we finished them (ranging from Marvel films, to Star Trek, to good & bad series endings, to 'Hard Time On Planet Earth' - a new one to Vern it turned out) before heading home our separate ways after finally getting back to H&H business. Now to get some stuff filmed, wish us Good Luck!


Christopher Haigh

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