Friday, April 25, 2014

Coffee & Cake

Welcome once again, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and the people of the Internet! Yep, it's Friday let's once again get down with it and DANCE! Only kidding, of course I mean BLOG!

So at last we got this week's H&H meet up (today in fact), yep, me and Chris met up at the flat for some Internet Security protocoling before heading to a local coffee shop (like the writers that we are) where over some cake and coffee we had a good ol' brainstorm. And what a Brainstorm session it was! What about, you may ask, well, just sit right there and I will tell you.

Image via Twinfoods
One of the thumbnails attached to a recent post of H&H we did suddenly inspired Chris to have a great idea about a new kind of short we could do, one harking back to a regular series of Two Ronnies sketches but with a H&H spin. He was so excited about it he texted me straight away (this was the other day, before our meeting) and I had to agree it was a pretty good idea. That was what we talked about first and so it was born from the seed of Chris's idea and with some additional notes & ideas this ongoing future project took shape and will hopefully be coming fairly soon to your screens. After much laughing and drinking we also came up with more vlog ideas too. (These vlog idea idea are getting a bit easier) and all I can say is some of them are indeed going to be very funny indeed. Hopefully one of them is something that we all can relate to as well (and it's not just me) but I'm sorry, I can't really tell you any more about that at the moment.

In fact we had lots of great idea and it was quite hard in keeping up them and writing them down too but wrote them all down I did. So now all we have to do is all work ahead of us to get them down in video but it will be worth it though, as they are very funny ideas to boot.

We even got to planning out this years Halloween Special too, which I so can't wait to film and get out there. Once again nothing else can be said about that - sorry. Tee hee. 

So that's your lot for this week so you in the next week


Vernon Harcourt

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