Friday, April 4, 2014

A (Pleasant) Shock To The System

Hello Acting Fans, bloggers and people of the Internet, yep, it's Friday and it's my time to ramble on. So let's do this.

As Chris said we meet up on Wednesday for a coffee and geek out in a local coffee house. We did indeed geek out and laugh quite a bit, first thing we got to was, well, to be frank we were amazed that the two girls working there joined in our geek talk as we were being served. One of them even said that my Star Trek badge was cool! (I've NEVER had a woman say that to me before! EVER!)

So, after calming down after that pleasant bit of a shock, we got on the task at hand which was getting this next Vlog sorted. Well, I'm pleased to say we now have all of the props that are needed for it and it shall in deeded be filmed very soon. Next week in fact so it will be coming to your eyes very soon.

Well, we did have a lot of props to get together for it after all, some of which I got from a recent night in a Halifax Pub. You'll see them on screen, and a few others things too. Then as Chris said we got on to planning our next Vlog too, which is going to a sequel to another Vlog, now I can hear you thinking, 'which one?' Well you could always go back and watch them to see which one you think it might be but, as always, I can't say just'll find out soon enough, as this one will be filmed quick as the big move is, erm, well moving ever closer.

Now you may be wondering, 'Vern there's a weekend coming up, if you want to get filming why wait until next week?' Well, actually there's a very good reason as Chris hinted. Or two good reasons in fact. One, Chris is working Saturday and two, we' some, er, ah, research. Yes, that's it research! In our study of the Funny we are off to Leeds to see the awesome Matt Berry of 'Garth Marenghi's Darkplace', 'Snuff Box', 'IT Crowd' and 'Toast Of London' in concert so yes filming is delayed due to the gig, er, I mean research. I'm hoping he plays this little number from Darkplace though...

Well, that's your lot for now Acting Fans, see you in the Future....


Vernon Harcourt

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