Friday, April 18, 2014

Today Was A Good (Fri)Day

Hello Acting Fans, Bloggers and people of the Internet and welcome back to this  (Good) Friday Blog post where I can answer the question, 'so what have we been up to?' with, 'quite a lot in fact.' Let's get down to it!

First, as we said in last Friday's blog, we got our filming on last Sunday, and this time we got more than enough footage, helped along by buying some bits & bats of props on the spot. Like a green drink that tasted like leaves (I kid you not, it did) and some safety glasses. (Got to love them pound shops!) With them in hand, we were ready to film and get it done. It went well, very well and, oh boy, did we have a laugh too.

Then on the Wednesday, as Chris mention very briefly, we went up to People's Park to film the last bit for the Vlog. Which, of course, you shall see - soon in fact! 'How soon?' I hear you all cry out at once. Well this Bank Holiday Monday in fact, which brings me to the last point the Actor's Log vlog itself.

What you lookin' at! Well, hopefully you'll look at it.
Yes, Chris locked himself away in the H&H Editing Suite (AKA his bedroom) Wednesday night and some of Thursday to get it edited together and today has brought the first cut down to show me and I can tell you all it's still very funny, I think one of our best so far (yep, I know thats a bold statement) but Chris wanted a fresh pair of eyes to look over it anyway, just in case we could it a bit more tighter. And he was right here's is a few cuts her & there that we have come up with, well, a few slight trimmings here there to get rid of the baginess (he's a star). So don't worry it'll be ready for Monday.

Well, thats all for now, folks, see ya soon. When we make a Bank Holiday Monday less boring! We hope you've had a great Good Friday and have a Great Easter Weekend!


Vernon Harcourt

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