Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wigging Out

Hello there, Acting Fans, it's time once again for our regular Humpday Dance so on with the Blog it is! It's a mix of Good news & Bad News. Good News first, Vern & I got our meet-up on and put our head's together for another H&H planning session going over the new tweaked version of the next Actor's Log (that I finally got around to tweaking, Bad Chris!). The Bad News is, in the course of running through it we realised (as is becoming rather regular post-tweaking) that we needed more preparation before getting down to filming which we planned to do this week. Bah! Sorting stuff out it is, then.
We also talked about some of the future ideas that came up during our coffee & cake brainstorm session, which in turn led to some research - checking out some Two Ronnies sketches online. This also led to us doing some wig shopping, well, wig window-shopping (or is it screen-shopping if you do it on the internet?).

Yep, for some time I've been resisting Vern's push for us to get a bigger stock of costume, including wigs, as we are after all a Low-to-No budget feature. Now though, I have to agree with m'learned colleague, especially as they have now become essential for one of Vern's future Actor's Log ideas as well as being handy for the still-on-hiatus Episode 6 (if we can just get it done before Star Wars Episode 7 comes out, we'll be happy!) so there goes that Low-to-No budget!
That's it so far for this week, we've earmarked our wigs for purchase later, on with prepping the next Actor's Log and I'm taking a look at the first draft of another future Actor's Log H&H Productions continues to trundle along, so goodbye for now or, as the French say, au revoir...


Christopher Haigh

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