Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Wolf Killed

Midweek Greetings, Acting Fans, and I'm happy to report that myself and my fellow Actor-at-Large had an excellent time during our 'research' at the Matt Berry gig. Once we got there, that is, as my omitting one of the street names from my list o' streets to take meant we turned uphill too soon and nearly undershot our destination. Fortunately, I had a feeling I might have done so and with a bit of GPS utilising and just plain old asking some people we found the venue with plenty of time to spare. To be fair we'd actually allowed plenty spare as neither of us had been there before, so much so that once having located the venue we popped back into town for some pre-gig dining at 'Around The World In 80 Beers' (which was rather nice too).
The show introduced us to an awesome new (to us) band, the rather excellent 'Pugwash'.

Before it was onwith the headliners Mr. Matt Berry and his Maypoles, who promptly rocked the folk out of the place.

As to this weeks H&H Business, whilst we haven't had a meet-up this week so far since gig, er, 'research' night. We did do a bit of pre-planning for more upcoming H&H stuff on the journey and just before the gig, er, 'research'. Whilst Vern has also written the first pass at the next next vlog and I have  done a bit of, well, erm, prop testing is probably the best way to describe it for the next vlog which we hope to get filmed soon. so after a bit of a hump we hope to have the H&H machine back up to speed shortly. Speaking of humps, that's your lot for this Humpday so have an excellent descent to the weekend and...


Christopher Haigh

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