Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The H Hangover

Yes, Acting fans, we're here once again for the Midweek catch-up and, if you haven't seen it yet, you should check out our latest vlog in all it's worldly wisdom (heck, even if you HAVE seen it we need as many views and likes as you can muster):

Though if you didn't catch it before the weekend and subsequently suffered on Bank Holiday Monday don't feel TOO bad because, well, I helped make that video and I still ended up in a similar state myself.
Never again...until next time.
Anyway, enough of what's past - on to the here & NOW! Due to the Bank Holiday Fallout and my subsequent work shifts we've yet to have our regular meet-up but never fear the H&H Machine has not ground to a halt! We're now on with the next vlog which I am passing my keen eye over Vern's initial script before a bit of tweaking (perhaps even into a whole new era). Now to get it ready in time to get it done before The Move! My learned colleague will update you more on Friday.
Another bit of drama, real-life this time, has struck at H&H HQ just today I received an Alert from Google that an unauthorised login was attempted on our humble Gmail account! Yep, an attempted haxxooring! From a mobile device in Colorado, and neither the Vern or myself got drunk enough over the weekend to get there and back and forget about it. Never fear though, our Security Parameters and Countermeasures are now fully enabled! It was a bit exciting there for a moment, okay, okay, more like momentarily distracting but still an attempted hack from America. Wow.
Now that's dealt with it's time for me to get back to my perusing and tweaking, so that's it for this Wednesday, see you later and...


Christopher Haigh

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