Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend At Vernie's

Welcome Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and all people of the Worlds Internet. Yep, it's Friday once again and it's blog time. So here's what else has been happing over here at the H&H HQ.

Well, after our meet-up earlier this week as Chris tweaked (tweaked, not twerked that's a different thing entirely. Chris doesn't do that. Hmm, well, Chris doesn't do that sober) I have been writing some more Actor's Logs, well, writing up the Future ones me and Chris were talking about, getting the ideas wrangled down into a workable script. Something that in it's own right can quite difficult, especially when we have talked about so much - it can be hard to remember it all, so remember budding Youtube Producers you can never have too many notes!

Lastly we are going to be filming the next Vlog at this current location of H&H HQ, yep, one last one before the big move. A Final Filmic fling and a farewell to the flat. That shall be next week in fact and, fingers crossed, it shall becoming to your eyes very soon!

Fortunately for us, this one it isn't as props heavy as the last one (well, we *might* be cheating to save on messing about making a prop we'll probably only use once) but sadly there won't be any tasty treats for me this time either (Mmm...braaains!), so it should be quicker for us to do.

Well that's your lot for today, I'd best get back to writing!

See you in the WORLD OF TOMORROW!!!


Vernon Harcourt

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