Friday, May 30, 2014

Cuckoos in Flight (Redux)

Hello, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers and people of world.....Erm, first off  sorry for the lateness of the blog - I've been a bit busy, what with rehearsall for 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. Yes, You heard that right. I am going to be treading the boards again, reprising the role of the Chief in the Actor's Workshop's. They are gearing up to put it on again after the last attempt fell through, and I'm always game for sitting comfortably (but not complacently) on the stage. More on that later, now let's get down do it. First off we (that is me and my flat, er, housemates) are all moved in and unpacked, so H&H HQ 2 shall be ready for filming in within a few weeks. Yay!

Central Role

Next on to what have we been doing (besides me rehearsing for a play, of course), we - me, myself and Chris - had another meet-up (yes, two in one week!) in our Nero's haunt once more. It's starting to become a habit. So, after picking up my Free Drink (yep, that's how regular we've ended up in there) and a bit of none-H&H talk (we do seem to do that a lot), we got down to it. And once again we ended up working out another full Actor's Log idea to write out, so that leaves us at about six I think written in at least a first draft now and, with some luck, we shall be getting this one done for June Actor's Log, filmed and up for your eyes to see very soon. Once again this Vlog entry is based on actual True Life Events, well, a conversation on Facebook comments, so True Online Life Events.
'What is it?!' I hear you cry out, well, my dear fans, you'll just have to wait and, of course, see...

That's all for now, I shall see in the world of Tomorrow!!!


Vernon Harcourt

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