Friday, May 9, 2014

The First Cut Is The Quickest

Welcome back, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the world's Internets. Yes, it's Friday once again and my turn to bring you up to date on what has been happing down (and then up) at H&H HQ.

Well after a very successfully and fun shoot on Wednesday, having got everything that we needed too (even going back and shooting a bit of extra coverage after we had initially done for the day, we are getting better at this filming lark, honest) and as Chris said in the last blog, I can confirm it was the last shoot of this location, and soon it shall be on to the next place for H&H, the keys are nearly in different hands as I write. We also have some more vlog drafts written and nearly ready to go as well as some more wild and wacky idea's for the future don't you folks worry about that .

Anyway, back to the latest shoot, so with all of the footage in hand and having picked out of the footage which shots we wanted to use it was then off back to the Editing Suite it all went with Chris on his handy stick drive (which he'd actually remembered this time). The edit was started the following day, it began by Chris locking himself in his Editing Suite at 11o'clock, then cutting and pasting away. Mid-afternoon Thursday, I was surprised by a text message from Chris that he had a first cut that was already ready and waiting for my eyes to look over it. So it was brought on down to H&H HQ for me to look over, after being warned that he had been pretty brutal with the cutting to try keep the runtime down, I stuck it on my PC to give it a long hard good look...... and it was all good! I do believe this has been one of the fastest turnarounds on any video we have ever done for H&H.

From it's writing to filming to edit to me saying "Yes, it's good to go", it was done and dusted without any additional cuts or notes from me required. (See, I told you we were getting better at this filming lark!) And that was without any simplifying of the script or cutting corners, well, apart from a cheeky bit of prop flubbery which some keen-eyed Acting Fans may be able to spot! So when can you all see this next Actor's Log? And perhaps do some flubbery spotting? Well, I can tell you it shall be live this very coming Monday (the 12th) for all to see! Oh, and please do post it anywhere and everywhere. Please. Pretty Please. We need those hits!

Well, thats all for now folks!


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