Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The World of Tomorrow...

Welcome to the Wednesday blog post, Acting Fans, where you find the H&H team wondering about where to go next as we follow Time's Arrow. If you haven't had the pleasure already, please make your way over to our channel to check out the latest Actor's Log, number 9, and the last to be filmed at our former HQ, the fanfare for Flat 2:

Now as we wait, we wonder. We have already mentioned we do have plenty to do for H&H in the Future but besides more videos (including the still to be filmed final episode of Series 1) what we haven't mentioned on the blog is that we have also mooted other things. We wonder about doing something a bit different next. Should we do something rather more radical and daring than simply posting videos to Youtube, something a bit more...alternative?
It just so happens that recently I have come across something that might fit that, and I have communicated the possibility to m'learned colleague. I don't want to say exactly what, just yet - especially as it may not come off - but the 'Mystery Opportunity', as I shall refer to it for now, will be the main thing that we discuss at this week's H&H tête-à-tête. For the moment I shall have to leave you wondering...


Christopher Haigh

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