Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Objects in Motion, Objects at Rest

Welcome to the midweek checkpoint, Acting Fans, and it being a post-Bank Holiday weekend Wednesday you would be forgiven for thinking we have nothing to report but you would be WRONG!
Yes, despite the Bank Holiday or Vern being Mid-Move (and me cutting several rugs with my dancing shoes the prior Sunday night) we managed to meet up for a bit of H&H business. As it turned out this Bank Holiday Monday was a bit of a lull in Vern's Transdomicileular Relocation with Vern and his flatmates, er, I should say HOUSEmates (or is it New Landlords? We'll have to ask their preference) having managed to move all the stuff they could do themselves at the weekend (even with yours truly popping by to help out by doing very little, if anything at all - hey, I had a cover blog to do and my second job to go to! Anyway it's the thought that counts. And I thought I could get away with it!). The burly Moving Men being booked for the following Tuesday (let's face it, hiring movers on a Bank Holiday Weekend is sheer madness - think of the EXPENSE!) he had the day free and a busy Tuesday & Wednesday to look forward to so he texted me about getting together first thing this week. A text I got much later in the day whilst heading out on an ultimately fruitless search for some Granola (they only had 'Tropical Fruit', BLEH!), after my cereal failure I met Vern at what seems to be becoming our local haunt coffee-wise, Halifax's 'Nero's'.

Missing Cereal
After our usual chinwagging, we eventually got back down to the business called 'Show' and hammered out a few things about our upcoming Actor's Log ideas and scripts, including the potential titling of a couple of them but more info on that would be [SPOILERS]! We realised we've been lucky with our judicious choice to shoot a quick and dirty 'sequel' Actor's Log so we didn't end up missing one this month and May being a bit of a 'longer' month the way it's fallen this year, we have a decent amount of time to prep for our next shoot whether we're ready & able to shoot at H&H HQ2 or not. More plans for Total Internet Domination were mooted and even a poor unfortunate Barista who drifted too close to our conversation got a business card and an invitation to become a willing victim contributor to the H&H Media Machine. We do, after all, need them additional warm bodies. And with that, and an awful lot of unpacking ahead of him, Vern & I parted ways - so that's your lot for this mid-week stay tuned for a weekend update from m'learned colleague this Friday and,


Christopher Haigh

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