Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pad & Pen

Yes, Acting Fans, you've made it to Humpday once again and, before the swift slide to the weekend really kicks off, here's the midweek status of H&H Production. The wheels are well and truly in motion at H&H HQ with furious effort being put into the preparation of places for the Big Move. Fortunately Vern was able to break off from the relocation activities to once again meet up wit me at the local Nero's, we'll end up regulars if this keeps up. Importantly he had also brought his H&H notepad & pen, of course.

The new format meet-up with the addition of proper coffee is proving to pay of dividends too, as after a bit of a catch-up and chatting about this & that we did in fact get around to actual H&H business. And, boy, did we do the business! Yes, we ended up with 4 or 5 more rough ideas for upcoming Actor's Logs, meaning including last weeks efforts we now have 8 or 9 ready to move into development and that's not even going into the possible new format shorts we look at!
Since that Tuesday get-together Vern has had his nose to the grindstone (well, to his PC Monitor) and his shoulder to the wheel (okay, his fingers to the keyboard) and has expanded 3 of the Actor's Log ideas into first drafts, which I am currently giving the once-over. Which I shall now be leaving you to get on with, so that's all for now, Folks...


Christopher Haigh

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